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I Will Never Leave You - Page 9

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It's back!

It's back for just a couple of pages though, even after a year of difference between this and page 8, we are only able to come back to the world of "I Will Never Leave You" for just this and another one page. I really hope we can work on more of these in the future, drawing this comic is one of the most enjoyable artistic experiences I have ever had.

Also, I liked to call this page "My Song of Ice and Fire" because it has ice and fire in it...I kind of like Game of Thrones, you know? I feel so silly.

One thing to note is that Rated doesn’t have the means to keep paying for the comic series at the moment since he doesn’t have a job. In order to afford this, we have put together a Patreon Page for you to pledge amounts in order to keep this comic going.


Every and all support is welcome, thank you guys.

Art by James Corck.
Story by Rated R. Ponystar
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Oh wow, frostbite on wings... that's a chilling thing to think about during this time.