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I Will Never Leave You - Page 8

By jamescorck
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And thus ends the eight page opening of the comic. We'll be sure to update it page by page in the future over time as we explore into the Endless Winter and the search for a new land.

One bit of symbolism that wasn't in the original script, I added storm clouds on the bottom of the picture. This is to show how Pansy and Hurricane are past the storm and now move into a brighter and more hopeful future for the both of them.

This is it for now! The first eight pages of a fairly long comic. We hope you all enjoyed reading it, and we hope you all look forward to the next ones.

Art by James Corck.
Story by Rated R. Ponystar
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© 2013 - 2021 jamescorck
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Animatorsnake's avatar
Flag bearer is a cool job
jamescorck's avatar
DarkBloodsFlame's avatar
this was really good
interesting and not surprising concerning hurricane
tank2259's avatar
noooo this is last page damit 
jamescorck's avatar
Actually, we are working on part 2. Stay tuned.
Impressive comic. Just wow.
DeadFactory-RD-Brony's avatar
I promise to remember your song of kindness 
sweetymimy22's avatar
s this the last page
Nanorider426's avatar
*thumbs up* Yay!
MASTERHUNTER666's avatar
simply, beautiful. :')
kennyg302's avatar
Why can't I hold all of these feels. 
aramadon's avatar
Watching you because of this series.
BigKatana's avatar
Great background story for those two.
that was sweet :,)
Chroniton8990's avatar
Given their expressions I prefer to think Pansy blackmailed Hurricane with what she said in her sleep.
Pansy, "Bad mouth or abuse me again and they'll know all".
Hurricane *Gulp* "Okay".
Loeden's avatar
Fantastic!  J'adore!
JamesAlpha's avatar
WELP! This brony has a new deviant to watch now! That was pretty amazing. That page with the burial scene... I got choked up. Very strong story
MadOvid's avatar
...fuck man. 
It may have been in the description on another page, but is this comic only going to follow Commander Hurricane and Private Pansy or will it follow the other two pairs as well?

Whether it does or doesn't, I'll look forward to what you have in store with great anticipation. Keep doing what you love and never stop improving.
Rated-R-PonyStar's avatar
Commander Hurricane and Private Pansy are the main characters in this story. The others will be seen but as secondary characters
Cool! Thanks for letting me know! You have a good thing going here. I look forward to what you have in store for us.
very nice.  Very touching.
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