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I Will Never Leave You - Page 6

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While we tried to make the six ponies from the play not a ‘complete’ clone of the mane six, there we some things that we had to keep and this was one of them. Hurricane and Pansy both represents two different kinds of strength, opposite in nature, but work in different ways. Hurricane represents brute force, determination, and a willingness to face any challenge without fear. Pansy represents the softer side, the courage to help others in times of danger, to sacrifice your time and provisions to help those in need, and to respect all life no matter who they are. It’s why both characters work well together because they are such opposites. Like yin and yang.

Also, I love scenes where the seemingly weak character helps the tough character, especially by feeding him/her soup, and taking care of them being cold, covering them in blankets and comforting them.

Art by James Corck.
Story by Rated R. Ponystar
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Fluttershy is like Forrest gump