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I Will Never Leave You - Page 18

By jamescorck
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I like to think we did this page to compensate for all the darkness and bleakness of the previous one. Right after seeing Hurricane's nightmare, where all the pony kind was assassinated by the Wendigos, seeing something more warm and welcome was necessary. I was really happy working through this page, and I think it shows in the end result.

This is the point of the story where things start getting better for our protagonists. This is where the legend of the six ponies of Hearths Warming Eve comes together, where their friendship carried them through the blizzard and thanks to which they managed to fund the land of Equestria. I wanted to emphasize the narration of this page through the use of color and lighting. The page is full of warm purples, pinks, oranges and yellows, and it only gets warmer as the panels go on. However everything around Commander Hurricane remains darker, almost desaturated, sad and with some strokes of blue and grey. It's not until Pansy offers her some of her rations that she's brought into the warmth of the story.

It feels good to put another page out there, especially now that we are into Hearths Warming Eve days.

Please, feel free to share your ideas, thoughts and theories in the comments.

We do promise to get a page out each month at the very least, but there is a way you can help us with getting these out faster, and that is to support :iconrated-r-ponystar: on Patreon. He's paying for all the pages and currently is struggling to not just support this project but other art comic projects of his as well.


Every and all support is welcome.
If you donate more money to him, he can pay me for the future comic pages faster, as well as any other projects we plan on working together for such as his big project “Fallen Dusk” which you can read about on his patreon milestone goal list.

We are glad to be working on this again and we hope you guys donate so this comic can continue forward without delay.

Please, let me know what you think, of both this page and the series, in the comments.

Art by James Corck.

Story by Rated R. Ponystar

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I'm glad you found the strength to change your mind.
jamescorck's avatar
I take it you're talking about Hurricane?
AstralFrankie's avatar
I noticed this part is vastly different than what happened in the show.
jamescorck's avatar
Yeah, we are not following the legend step by step. We're following the broad strokes and then adding something extra for the sake of the story. This is less magical and more emotional.
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
Putting pride aside is no sign of weakness.

jamescorck's avatar
For some people it can be, and even worse if they have been taught their whole lives that having no pride is a sign of weakness.
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This i s great, I really like the Hearth's Warming story. It is great to see that peace is something that you must earn and doesn't naturally occurs, which is unfortunately the reality of life.
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Thank you so much :) It was quite enjoyable to breathe new life into it.
BenRG's avatar
And that, just in case anypony was wondering, is how Equestria was made. I've always admired the writers of "Hearths' Warming Eve" for having such a dark origin story for their perfect nation and making it so very clear that things were not always rainbows and light - that peace and harmony is something you have to build, not something that naturally occurs.
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It is quite a way to tell the younger generations about how a lack of harmony and peace can end with everyone dying.
And ah became they close friend, too! So Twiley, can ah have 20 bits?.... (8/
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Emoticon - Twilight Sparkle Hmmm "...don't you work on a farm and make plenty of money to keep it running?"
AJ said she wouldn't hire me cause she don't think ahm trustworthy! Gurl, you know ahm trustworthy! You can trust me wit your life! Look out for a nigga.... (8/
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We nearing the end arnt we. XD  Great work as always, and yes this is quit the turn around from the feels of the last page. now its just warm fuzzy feels. :P
I really need to experiment with my shading, and layering of colors.
jamescorck's avatar
Hah, funny you say we're nearing the end because we're roughly around the halfway point. There's still plenty of story left to tell ;)
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Awesome work
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cajobif's avatar
My pleasure

Keep up the great work
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