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I Will Never Leave You - Page 13

By jamescorck
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We are slowly, but surely, getting back on track! I managed to crack down this page in almost no time, in part thanks to the rather simple set up. Plus each panel was also quite streamlined, so getting this one done was a breeze.

We've only gotten close to the actual lore of Hearths Warming Eve on Page 10, and boy that feels like it was ages ago. We are now going to get a lot closer to how that episode played out, but of course keeping in with the way this comic was set from the very start (so expect less frozen solid in ice, and more actual effects of hypothermia). We are taking this long to connect with the actual mythology for the sake of establishing the characters. If you don't do that you wouldn't be able to empathize with them once the actual conflict starts. I can hardly wait to work on the Windigoes, those are going to be a joy to design! This is also a good stop in the journey, let the story breath and give everyone a break. Things are going to get intense! Also that field of flowers on panel 3 came out better than I thought and it took a lot less time to work on than you might imagine.

Please, feel free to share your ideas and theories in the comments.

We do promise to get a page out each month at the very least, but there is a way you can help us with getting these out faster, and that is to support :iconrated-r-ponystar: on Patreon. He's paying for all the pages and currently is struggling to not just support this project but other art comic projects of his as well.


Every and all support is welcome.
If you donate more money to him, he can pay me for the future comic pages faster, as well as any other projects we plan on working together for such as his big project “Fallen Dusk” which you can read about on his patreon milestone goal list.

We are glad to be working on this again and we hope you guys donate so this comic can continue forward without delay.

Please, let me know what you think, of both this page and the series, in the comments.

Art by James Corck.
Story by Rated R. Ponystar
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[Hurricane] Wait, what's that-- *notices Earthpony Flag planted on the ground* Earthpony Colony?! What're you doing here?!
[Puddinghead] We're claiming this land
[Hurricane] Ahh, no, this is clearly--
[Platnum] -- Mine.

[Hurricane] *the most unamused and exhausted expression you can possibly imagine*
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Then... something unexpected happen (what you thought I was going to pull a "Fire Nation" meme... NAH!)
jamescorck's avatar
Of course, you're better than that.
bbasco2's avatar
...and then the Fire Nation attacked
Just one more side effect of conflict: possessiveness in the face of abundance.
jamescorck's avatar
Just wait until they begin to fight against the other tribes.
Hehe. Little do they know that I already got this land. It's called Sparta and that's final. Also, it's pretty gangsta...
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Oh man, I remember this comic. i saw the first few pages...must have been a couple years ago by now. Just got caught up. It's looking great so far.
jamescorck's avatar
Thank you so much! And thanks a bunch for your long term support, you're a true fan :D
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Ok checked the previous pages, im all caught up now.  This was a brilliant idea, to do the comic.  Something that can be enjoyed for a long time. 
jamescorck's avatar
It's all thanks to the writing and ideas of :iconrated-r-ponystar:, you should definitely drop a comment on his page.
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Oh I see now, this is a comic that reflects the story leading up to hearths warming eve ?  i will need to look through the other pages to catch up and understand.   Great work as usual, keep it up. XD
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Yepp, yepp, that's exactly what it is!
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It ranks up there with daffodil sandwiches and hay soup.
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But first the ponies had to learn the hardest lesson of all - How to stop hating.
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Wait for the next pages, I bet you're going to enjoy them.
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Loving the gentle colours here :3
jamescorck's avatar
Thank you so much!

It was a nice break from the previous harsh color palettes I've been using for the past few pages.
tigreanpony's avatar
Oh this is so very cute.
jamescorck's avatar
Heh, it's a break from all the grim adventures they've had in the past few weeks.
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