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Halloween 2016 - As Above so Below

Ask Movie Slate - Halloween 2016 - Ask Above so Below

Commissioned by :iconssjcharon:

The concept and execution of this one went kind of hand in hand at the same time. Usually they are separated. First I put together the idea and then I sketch it out, just like every other Movie Slate update. But in the spirit of the genre, this update was conceptualized at the same time I was sketching it, so the finished piece wasn't really all there until I was placing the HUD elements, after everything had been shaded and the whole scene was completed. For some reason that felt kind of liberating, since I wasn't constrained by my own limitations set by my own sketch lines. It's not something I want to try outside of movies like this, though. It'd be crazy to try and figure out how to review, say, another Star Wars movie when the concept just keeps changing as I go along.

"As Above so Below" was deemed by many as one of the absolute worst movies of 2014. If the genre of found footage was to be placed in a coffin, some people said this movie was responsible for hitting down some of the nails to close it shut. So when I watched this movie I went into it kind of dreading it, expecting it to suck and be absolutely awful. And after watching it I think I can see why so many people hated it but, honestly, I think it's way better than other found footage movies we've got lately. It does get annoying with editing back and forth constantly between two locations, and some of the effects look kind of fake (the CGI does a weak favor to it), but I think everything else was either fine or actually really good. The tone and the atmosphere are actually suffocating and appropriately claustrophobic. Unlike many other found footage movies where everyone involved dies, this movie does have survivors and it has a fairly good explanation as to how they get the footage back. But the most important thing of all are the characters. It's been a while since I've seen a horror movie, let alone a found footage movie, that had characters that were quite likeable. I cared for those guys and I wanted to see them survive.

So I actually kind of liked it. I know I liked it enough to get in on DVD and watch it a few more times to see if I could catch more clues and see if I've missed anything. It's not a great movie, not by a long shot, and I can very well see why some people hated it. But to me this is the best example of a found footage movie that gets it just right. Not fantastic, not awful, just the perfect amount. I rate it: :ghost: :ghost: :ghost:

Let me know in the comments! I hope you guys enjoy the picture!

Please, let me know what you think of it in the comments. I appreciate and every single one I receive.

Thank you!

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:iconangrylunaplz: "We do not appreciate our positioning in that picture!"
:icontwilightfacehoofplz: "Luna, you're taking things way too seriously again..."
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I think she misunderstood the meaning. Poor Moon horse.
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Once they discovered the recipe could produce mass.

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That's kind of the plot of the movie.
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Oh yeah, I remember this one. Its now one of two found footage I actually like. The other is Frankenstien's Army. 
jamescorck's avatar
Never heard of Frankenstein's Army. I should look into that.
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Oh that movie was SO awesome!
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I remember seeing this movie once, but all it did was remind of this really bad POS movie I saw called "The Catacombs of the dead" which was about these two sisters meeting in France and like the younger one like nearly committed suicide. So, the older one dragged her young one into this rave in the catacombs of France, and she gets lost and then gets stalked by this monster and encounters this French guy. So, in the the French guy dies and the monster turned out to be the older sisters friend. So, this was pretty much a giant "prank", but they find out she killed the two guys by accident and the older sister like goes off on her saying how she's an idiot and should just kill herself, so the young one snaps and just murders them all.
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I've heard of that movie, and all I've heard about are terrible things. Kind of reminds me of a Spanish movie with a similar premise called "More Than a Thousand Cameras Watch for Your Safety".

Just the title alone tells you how awful that movie was.
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Well hey, when your biggest "star" in the movie is Pink, you know you're gonna suck bricks.
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Lol, that was funny, and very nicely done.
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Ok lets see, we have a character from Full Metal Alchemist ( forgot the name )  Harry Potter of course ( or should I say Hairy Trotter ?  :P )  and ... is that Indiana Jones ?
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Hehehe, Indiana Jones he is not, but he's one of the most blatant Indiana Jones rip offs you could imagine. He's "The Librarian", a character played by actor Noah Wyle from "E.R." fame. An acceptable guess would've been Nathan Drake from the Uncharted games.
FireHeartDraws's avatar
mmm. I have no idea who that is. lol  But i gave my best guess. ^^
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It's the name of the full metal alchemist character. He is brother to Edward, and one of the two main characters. just in case you were unaware. 
FireHeartDraws's avatar
Oh thats right.  I remember now.  Derp   Such an unusual name.  I only caught a few episodes here and there. but I did watch the series finale
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Ah, that's fair.
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Is that Nathan Drake on the right side?
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Like NeoSilverThorn said, that's definitely The Librarian, but Nathan Drake would've been an acceptable second guess.
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It's Noah Wyle's character from the The Librarian series of TV movies.
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