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Fanart - MLP. Wasteland Shoot-out

Commission for :icondroakir:

Featuring Nova and Free Fall.

The Wasteland isn't the friendliest place out there, that's for sure, and it's no different even if you are a cute little pony. Then again these little ponies are armed with a Magnum, so you'd better think twice before you unload your magazine on the cart they are using as cover. Some raiders just won't change. Either that or Bethesda will never develop AI good enough to stop them from acting like complete morons.

This one was really fun to work on. Not only did I came up with this one out on a whim, but I managed to finish it in a non-stop art session. I forgot what it was to do that, instead of going to bed with only half the picture finished. Not that I ever lost my Art Mojo but I feel it's somehow rejuvenated. Also, I think I've taken the details on this one and its two other "brothers" way too far, yet I managed to finish them quite quickly. It feels really good.

Thank you all so much for checking out my artwork! Please feel free to let me know what you think in the comments section, as I always welcome all feedback. Have a wonderful day!

Free Fall belongs to :icontheangelofrazgriz:

This is Nova's Pony Blog.

Please, let me know what you think of it in the comments. I appreciate and every single one I receive.

Art by James Corck
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This is fantastic in every way. Well done!
jamescorck's avatar
Thank you so much!
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This is very cool you really did great with this. I love the shading.
jamescorck's avatar
Thank you so much!

It was interesting to try and work on the outdoors shading with a grey scale piece.
TooCliched's avatar
Damn these raiders!
jamescorck's avatar
They got troublesome by New Vegas, I never liked the AI of those enemies (or any Bethesda AI for that matter).
TooCliched's avatar
The companion AI in Fallout 4 is sort of a little improvement but that's not saying much, they still get in the way of crossfire and don't help you out.
jamescorck's avatar
Oh for fuck's sake, they couldn't even program that? The AI in Mass Effect 2 was able to do that, and that game is 5 years old!
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Bethesda, Bethesda never changes. xD
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theANGELofRAZGRIZ's avatar
Just came across your commission pricing list.

Even though I know you're not taking commissions, I love the look of your 5 dollar fast ink commission.
I'd totally buy when when given the opportunity
jamescorck's avatar
I will be more than happy to reserve you a spot, if you ever want one :D
theANGELofRAZGRIZ's avatar

What the crap this is FANTATSTIC! 

Droakir was just like "Check your Deviantart" and I did and I COME UP ON THIS. 
And I'm just, I'm going nuts this is awesome!
The detail of the wood grain on the cart!
The busted wagon wheel and the Oil tower in the background! 
OMG Dude wow. 
jamescorck's avatar
Thank you so much for your comment, you are definitely too kind with me.

I'm really happy I cheered you up this much :D I hope to draw Free Fall as often as I can, he's a good OC :D
Droakir's avatar
I cannot state how much I love the way this piece turned out. Simply fantastic job!
jamescorck's avatar
Thank you for your patience, and for commissioning it from me :D I am really happy that you like it so much.
Droakir's avatar
You rocked it, man. It's awesome!
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