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Fanart - MLP. Tranquil Diamond



Lets get one thing out of the way first: Pacific Rim is fucking awesome.

It's the best and biggest love letter to the kaiju and mecha genres, filled with likable characters, an easy to follow story, and fantastic visuals. It's the most entertaining movie of 2013, and sure one of my most favorite Guillermo del Toro movies (perhaps only topped by Hellboy and Devil's Backbone). What makes this movie so good is how good the robot designs are, and how unique they all are. I left the theater wanting to ride in one of those robots, or at least being able to see one of them in action.

So, since I've been in a very "giant robots mood" lately (most because of Pacific Rim, Gurren Lagann, and Mobile Suit Gundam), and I can't shake off my pony obsession, I sat down and drew this.

This is Tranquil Diamond, a Pony Jaeger controlled by Rarity and Fluttershy. It combines both the magic of a unicorn and the wings of a pegasus, and it took forever to draw it. This was originally going to be featured in a portfolio, but things happened and the theme changed, so this picture got kicked out of it. Which is why I can show it to you all in all of its original size. It did take forever to finish but I had so much fun drawing it it's not even fair to you guys. I never took the time to come up with original attacks, or fighting techniques for this Jaeger, though I guess it will have some kind of plasma cannon in the mechanism of the horn, that the wings will open up and fire missiles, or that it will use it's legs for close combat. The one thing I did add was a holographic tail, like the trail blaze left by the light-cycles on Tron Legacy. Also, the holograms inside the Jaeger's head are color coded regarding the pony who's controlling it. Also, also, yes, I intentionally put Fluttershy in the right hemisphere of the Jaeger, thus making her the dominant side of the robot. Something tells me her decision making can be a lot more rational when under pressure than Rarity's.

I hope you guys enjoy it!

Check the post on my Tumblr as well, click on this link if you want to give it a like/reblog

Art by James Corck
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