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Fanart - MLP. This is so confusing



Commission for :iconmullokadz:

This one took an insane amount of time for something as simple as this. The poses aren't anything special, but it's still five characters in a fully colored picture with a background. It was definitely worth the time, not every day I get to draw these guys in the same picture. Plus I need to draw more Shining Armor and Cadence together, even if Shiny is all confused and not sure what he just walked into.

We can safely assume that Fake Cadence and Fake Twilight are changelings, what with the green magic, and the glowing green eyes, and being all discolored. I also removed their cutie marks. I think it makes sense, why would a changeling recreate the pony's cutie mark if their talent is already established as copying other ponies? I don't know, I liked the idea of Changelings being unable to recreate the cutie mark of a pony.

Enjoy the preamble to a fight for Shining Armor's confusion!

Art by James Corck
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Shining: Why this Changeling have not transform as Twilight as a Alicorn and no Cutie mark? That a big give away, Plus the green magic Aura, really? try to fool me like the last time, Yes I be fool by You Chrysalis but I was so focus on protect the city and my wedding. so I do not see something be not right, But Now Really? this Changeling is poorly train on her transform magic, plus, do you really believe Your changeling and you have a chance here in the Crystal empire when evil become weaker and Good is powered by the Crystal Heart, plus the heart is Protected by my magic, so you can't steal it, Only Sombra do this... I will Ask Discord to help me to created a better security for the heart to make sure, I do not like ask the help of him but even I know when I need his help... Oh the Fight is over!(Twilight and Cadance have blast Chrysalis and her changeling out of the crystal empire)