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Fanart - MLP. The New Ministry

Commission for :iconfernindt:

Trixie's cleared her throat. "Attention, everyone!"

"Use your inside voice, Beatrice," Flim grumbled.  This had been a bad idea.  The stallion shifted uncomfortably, caught between the insect on his right and the walking freezer on his left.  Why had he brought what could laughingly be called his 'team' to a restaurant?  Especially this one?  He must have been drunk.  'Low-threat field test' indeed.

Ignoring the agent's complaints, Trixie continued her assault on her teammate's eardrums.  At least they were the only ones in the dingy little eatery. "Well.  Be that as it may.  Trixie will now commemorate your wonderful dinner with her with a photograph."

"Just let her take it, Flim," Octavia murmured. "It will be much faster that way."

The maddening mare grinned and held the camera aloft with a flare of magic. "Signed prints may be available later at a reasonable price. Smile, everypony!"

- · - · - · - · - · - · - · - · - · - · - · - · - · - · - · - ·- · - · - · - · - · - · - · - ·

I'm a movie buff, as some of you might've noticed, so when Fernin came to me with the idea of recreating that photograph from "The Untouchables" with the characters of his comic series "Ministry of Special Services" I had to say yes. "The Untouchables" is one of the best movies ever made, and a defining piece of the thriller and gangster movie genres, so working on a picture that's tied to it made me all sorts of happy. Working on this drawing was almost surreal, since I had to stop halfway through to attend to BronyScot, so going back to it after the maelstrom of a convention gave me kind of a whiplash. In the end I think this picture ended up being more colorful than I first thought. Just the background alone took a bit to figure out (check the paintings) and overall compared to the most recent pieces I've posted this one feels more vibrant for some reason.

It feels good. I like giving color to what I draw. This one will have a prequel coming up, depicting the old team in a similar set up, so that's one thing to look forward to!

You can check the "making of" post on Tumblr right here.

I hope you guys enjoy the picture!

Please, let me know what you think of it in the comments. I appreciate and every single one I receive.

Thank you!

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Is Silver and Octavia related in this universe?
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Octavia (or as she's known in this universe, Doctor Octave) is sort of a mentor to Silver Spoon.
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Very nicely done.
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Muchas gracias colega :)
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