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Fanart - MLP. The Great and Fantastic Trixie

Commission for :iconssjcharon:

It's been a while since I've done a Fallout themed picture, and with the new game being all the rage lately I think it makes sense to start working on them again. This one is directly inspired by a commission that I drew a few years ago, also for the same client and also featuring Trixie and Mr. Fantastic. I like the idea of Fallout: Equestria but I never liked the way it was executed in the fanfic that started it all. It was okay, but it had its problems too. That's why Charon and I agreed that these pictures wouldn't take place in the same universe. So this is an alternate universe of an alternate universe. Think how many more universes can fit in each, you may never know.

Trixie as Mr. Fantastic was a no-brainer for the both of us. She fits his personality so much better than any other character. She's boastful, full of herself, and totally useless. She makes things up not even knowing if it will work out, but she's so much fun to have around. Just like Mr. Fantastic himself, you want to punch him in the face while at the same time you're laughing your ass off with him.

Original deviation is here Comission - The Great and Powerful Fantastic by jamescorck it looks a little better in this new version, don't you think?

I hope you guys like it! Please let me know what you think in the comments!

Art by James Corck.
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Error...error... initiating site-wide self-destruct in 5
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To add to the fun, the astute will notice that that computer is rigged with a bomb.
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You know she ended up with bits of computer all over her face :D
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Nice one.
Just a bit of Rad Cola solves anything. XD
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Or Sunset Sarsaparilla, that does the trick too.
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Working throughout a fair few studios you see artists and their work come and go but rarely does one piece stay with you so much but this is most certainly one of them.
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Thank you so much.

That comment means a lot to me, you are really kind. Thank you!
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Once again your attention to detail is something I aspire to.  Im hoping my own next artwork will continue to improve as I keep at it.   In other news I finally got my business concept written down and ready to be reviewed by some friends for feedback.   I am now one step closer to accomplishing my own dreams.
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Thank you so much!

I'm a firm believer of The Guillermo del Toro School of Thinking, that the world is built by the details and the textures, so the more attention you pay to these the better and more appealing your world is going to look.

I highly encourage you to keep drawing man, and I wish you good luck with your business concept. Don't let anything stop you now that you're so close to make your dream come true!
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I appreciate it, now I just have to survive college, only 10 weeks to go once Christmas break is over, I think I can last that long. lol    and for the artwork, im going to be trying something new with the coloration and textures, so we shall see how it turns out.  have to draw it first though. lol    but Im hoping to get it started and mostly done if not finished during these next 2 weeks.
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At first I thought Trixie channeled her inner Riddler. ;P
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Heheh, she could be as mischievous as the Riddler, but nowhere near as effective a villain as he is.
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Ah, very interesting.
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Wow. I know less than nothing about Fallout and can't care less for Trixie, but through this image you've gotten me (re)interested in both. Amazing work. Clap 
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Thank you so much man!

I wish I could print this comment and frame it, it's a really welcome boost of morale <3
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I wouldn't say so much evil and more "I'm so clever I could pat myself on the back" over-confident.
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"What else? Trixie's in charge. This whole operation depends on her. No Trixie, no power. Got the whole NCR suckling her teats, and it feels so gooood."
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I've read that whole text in her voice, goddamnit.
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It took a lot of willpower to not shoot Fantastic in the face after that quote. I just kept telling myself, "Think of the C-finder. This is worth the C-finder. You can kill him after you get the giant death laser."
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I never killed him, though he's a fucking idiot. I thought killing him would've been doing him a favor, and the NCR a service. I'd rather leave him alive.
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it looks very good and Trixie looks... dangerous

I must say that idea of HER as Goddess, doesn't fit me very well, she had ambitions, but no real will to rule unity (other than that I really liked execution of FoE, because I liked it only took ideas from Fallout but did not only copied story with ponies)
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