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Fanart - MLP. The Black Swordsmare

By jamescorck
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Commission for :iconfernindt:

Fire burned in Applejack's lungs as she panted through teeth still clenched around the dragonslayer's hilt. Her breath smoked in the cool evening air, and despite the rustling of her enemies in the shadowy woods, she could hear the growling whisper in the back of her mind.

"Let us out," snarled Applejack's Beast from the darkness behind her eyes. It strained again, pulling against the chains of her will now that the scent of prey was in the air. "Let us run rampant... Give it to us..."

"No," the swordsmare snarled back. "These varmints ain't... her. They ain't Twilight."

The reply was quick in coming, with the impression of drooling, snapping jaws. "No, they are not the True-Light that burns us. But blood must flow...
Tear them apart!"

At the edges of Applejack's vision, her pursuers crept closer. They thought her at bay, outnumbered... The foals.
With the Beast still snarling in her ears, Applejack lunged-- and the blood flowed...

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There's this thing about Applejack, where if I don't make her into a badass I'm not pleased. I'm super glad Fernin allowed me to go all badass on her for this piece. That armor, well, those armors were an awful lot of fun to work on. I think that's been my knack as of late, drawing lots of ponies in suits of armor. I ain't complaining, let them keep coming!

I've never seen Berserk, but all I've seen so far has yet to disappoint me.

You can check the "making of" post on Tumblr right here.

I hope you guys enjoy the picture!

Please, let me know what you think of it in the comments. I appreciate and every single one I receive.

Thank you!

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Yes indeed it is a motherfucking Berserk reference :) Expect more!
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>8/.... shoulda used a metal bat. They're better.... and more gangsta...
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Yeah but they have no edge and you can't cut demons up with a blunt object.

...unless you stick a knife to it, that might work.
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Ack! Eh, ah guess....
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WHOA! This is awesome
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Thank you so much man!
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You're welcome 
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This looks awesome!
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Thank you so much! You're super kind.
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You're welcoooome.
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Thanks a lot bud!
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*Plays 'Forces' while looking at this master work* 
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Hehehhe, you're really kind man, thank you so much!
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Hai yai Fooooorces!
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arrrrrrrri arrii fooooooorces arrrriiiii ari foooooorces! 
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So who is Griffith? I say only Rarity can match his fabulousity, and she's even got the Nightmare form to match Femto!
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All I'll say is, wait until tomorrow ;)

If you want to check the previews, go to my Instagram, or check my Twitter. I've posted work in progress shots of all the pieces I've been working on as late.
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Oh. Ehhhh, I think the role was much more suited for Rarity. I don't think Twilight can really capture the character's elegance. I suppose to each their own.
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