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Fanart - MLP. Sanguine Kindness. Illustration 9

By jamescorck
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Commission for :iconrated-r-ponystar:

This is an illustration for a fanfic called "Sanguine Kindness" that is being written by Rated Ponystar.

You can read the chapter right here -> Sanguine Kindness: Chapter 6, Rip and Tear.

You can read the fanfic right here -> Sanguine Kindness.

You can read a preview of the chapter this illustration belongs to, right below these lines:

“How bad?” asked Rainbow Dash.
“W-worse...” muttered Twilight, shaking her head. “It’s too horrible.” Rainbow Dash stared at her friend for a bit before she walked over the guards blocking the entrance to the alley. “Dash! Don’t!”
Rainbow Dash ignored her. She had to see it. She had to have it burned inside her memory, so she could think about Pokey and Roseluck once she found this monster. The guards stared at her, but she glared back with a look that said not to mess with her. The two looked at each other before reluctantly lowering their wings and allowing her to pass.
Rainbow Dash only stepped forward a few steps before she felt all the blood in her body turn to ice based on what she saw.

This one was a hard one to get through. Not because the drawing was complicated, in fact this one's rather simple compared to all the other drawings I've had to do for this series. It was hard to get through because of the subject matter. This might be the most violent drawing I've done in quite sometime, and considering some of the things I've drawn that's saying something. This is what you could expect to find after a vicious vampire pony is done with its victim. Nothing but death.

I hope you all enjoy this one. Please feel free to let me know what you think of it in the comments. Thank you so much for checking my artwork!

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needless killing of background pony and canon characters.

think i got a bingo on the 'overused bad rated r trope' game.
jamescorck's avatar
Must be a lonely game to play.
FireHeartDraws's avatar
OH ok, thanks Blackskips. XD
tigreanpony's avatar
I have to say that the art is good, but I really don't like the premise of the picture. I have to say I like all the ones before this one. I'm sure that there will be more of the others. This image is just a little to dark for me.
jamescorck's avatar
I'm sorry if this has upset you, man. It is pretty grim, and quite over the top, but that's what happens when you have vampires. They don't fuck around.
IJoinedForPonies's avatar
That cut looks too high up on the chest to allow entrails to hang out. Just an observation. :-)
jamescorck's avatar
It's not really high if you cut and then dig inside to pull the entrails out, which is what Flutterbat did in the process of maiming this poor guy.
IJoinedForPonies's avatar
Oh, if he was upside down and maimed by FLutterbat then nevermind then.
Nickmane's avatar
He looks fiiiiiiine.
jamescorck's avatar
It's just a flesh wound.
ssjcharon's avatar
'Tis but a scratch!
YoshiRingo's avatar
i gotta be honest, i dont know why I watched yah, but if this is stuff that you draw, im sorry, but you lost a watcher :c
jamescorck's avatar
Fair enough, nobody's forced to watch me.

I'm sorry this shocked you this badly, though.
YoshiRingo's avatar
its fine man, its not taht I dont like gore, its fine, I watch Saw movies, I see those squemish videos people randomly post on Facebook of people getting heads chopped off, but when its ponies, or any fictional characters I know and love, or if its in the same universe where it feels off to have gore in it, then I gotta turn the other way around.
Also dont listen to that guy, I know you said you're not interested in giving him attention, but he's been trying to spread all these lies about me, he attacked my watchers and I really dont get his purpose.
well thats my two cents and all
EntireHam's avatar
Don't worry about him. Dude's just a drama queen who's constantly trying to dissuade artists from drawing gore.

In fact in his last attempt on Derpibooru, he tried to tell another artist to just stop drawing. I don't have a screenshot of this, but a reliable source paraphrased his attempts for me. 
Check my journal and etc if you're interested. 
jamescorck's avatar
Not really interested.

Everyone has their reasons to act the way they do, and I respect that. The same way I have my reasons to do the things I do, and I hope to be respected for that as well.
EntireHam's avatar
His reasons are senseless malice lmao. Not worthy of respect.
He calls what I've laid out lies but he doesn't actually contest any of the things I've proven time and time again. 

I will respect you and not push this, however I am not lying nor attacking anyone, and the fact that Ringo just now lied to you about the truth of the matter helps prove his hand in doing such things. 
FireHeartDraws's avatar
Looks great James,  I am having trouble telling who this pony is, as their are really no Signature features aside from the hair, horn, and the brief description, However with that said, with how great an artists you are James, im certain that this is intentional.    
blackskips's avatar
The pony's name is Pokey. If you read chapter 6 of the fanfic, which has the link in description, you can find out.
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