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Fanart - MLP. Sanguine Kindness. Illustration 7

By jamescorck
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Commission for :iconrated-r-ponystar:

This is an illustration for a fanfic called "Sanguine Kindness" that is being written by Rated Ponystar.

You can read the chapter right here -> Sanguine Kindness: Chapter 5, Aftermath.

You can read the fanfic right here -> Sanguine Kindness.

This illustration belongs to , of which you can see a small preview below these lines:

He started to weep as he slowly pulled something from out of his jacket pocket and opened it. Those in front, including Applejack, gasped upon seeing what it was. A ring. A beautiful rose shaped diamond ring.

“I saved... so much for this... and it was all a waste...” he muttered as he walked over to the casket and stared at the mare he loved so much. Even though he wasn’t at the mike, the church was quiet enough now so that all could hear him. “I want you to have this, Roseluck... so that while I can’t give this to you in this life... I can give it to you in the next...” He placed the ring in the casket and slowly lowered himself to kiss her on the forehead. “I love you Roseluck Flower. And I hope you will wait for me.”

He sniffed and walked away, silent and in tears.

It's been a while since I worked on this series, and the last time I did so it was with a rather gory entry. I think there won't be that much blood from now on, if only for the sake of keeping it somewhat realistic. I like the way the background came out in this one. Originally it was going to be a lot more simple, conceptual even, but I think a more solid setting would amplify the atmosphere of the whole scene. I like drawing details, they are a way to describe the world the characters live in.

I hope you all enjoy this one (despite how sad it is). Please let me know what you think of it in the comments. Thank you!

Art by James Corck.
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What happened to Roseluck
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awwww poor lucky... ): 
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It's even worse considering he was to marry Roseluck.
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I just wish the story didn't have her sister blaming him for the murder because she despises colts. I would've felt worse about this if it didn't say that
Ouch. Talk about losing the love of your life, the day you wanted to ask what was basically "will you be with me forever?", and to circumstances beyond your control.

In a bit of black comedy, hurts more than an inferno ant biting your feet and sending you screaming and jumping around like a pogo stick. I had a fanfiction using the basis idea of this picture for one of the scenes, but it's only an "inspirated by" scene though I still need to give credit, it's my honor code.

If only someone bothered to make a pony with resurrection powers. Make him an alicorn if have to!
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I think resurrection would violate countless laws of nature, actually.
Is resurrection violating the law of nature a bad thing though? I'm sure the show itself does this all the time; Pegasi controlled the weather (it happens in real life but not to their extent, since the pegasi can control seasons too) and Celestia and Luna controlled their respective celestial bodies (which in real life is controlled by extremely complicated physics or whatever). 

Death is probably one of the few laws of nature we can control (in my opinion, no bashing please); we just haven't reached the technological level yet. My understanding is that as you get old, your body gradually loses it's ability to regenerate, eventually causing some/all cells to die, and when that happens to a major organ, you suffer organ failure and die. When we discover how to rejunevate/regenerate dying/old cells, we have taken a huge step in the battle against old age. Medical advances help push back death from injury and/or illness.

Heck, I believe that one day the entire human race will find a way to completely stop death. I would be less than ash at that time though, as will my entire family.
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Who is the stallion?
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Grandioso TT^TT
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Muchas gracias, colega :D
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Aww, so sad!

Beautiful artwork!
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Thank you so much!
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