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Fanart - MLP. Sanguine Kindness. Illustration 5

By jamescorck
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Commission for :iconrated-r-ponystar:

This is an illustration for a fanfic called "Sanguine Kindness" that is being written by Rated Ponystar.

You can read the fanfic right here -> Sanguine Kindness.

This illustration belongs to Chapter 3, First Blood.

Roseluck tried to struggle, but she was beginning to feel cold. The pain was leaving, but now her fears of pain were replacing with a new one: the fear of dying. Tears leaked from her eyes as she turned towards the sky, the last thing she would ever see with her ever-darkening vision. She could barely feel Fluttershy ripping her arteries apart for more blood.
The moon was so bright. And so beautiful. Had Roseluck known this was her last night, she would have accepted Lucky’s proposal. Now she would never again speak to him, to make up their fight. They would never say “I love you” to one another ever again. She would never see her parents or sisters again.
These were Roseluck’s last thoughts as her eyes gently closed.
She felt no pain. No sorrow.
Only silence.

This one took a surprisingly short amount of time. I forgot what it was to make a picture in black and white and take less than two hours to draw it. I guess I've been drawing comics in this style for so long that I had no idea what it was to do a quick picture with just two characters and one background. I am also quite happy with how the composition came out in this one, the moon in the sky and Fluttershy right underneath it, kind of like being judged by the night for her monstrous acts. I keep trying to give as much atmosphere as I can with the minimum amount of elements in a picture. I'll let you guys judge whether I'm succeeding or not.

Also, I figured out why the blood is so bright in these pics. It's something to do with a Hammer.

Art by James Corck.
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© 2014 - 2021 jamescorck
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groans msierably..........

this is a wonderful picture man... though i am pretty sure trying to feed on a earth pony is like trying to feed on a gorrilla. liable to hurt like ballz XD

but the story this references....... ooh loooord is it ladden by all the crap rated r always puts in his stories. its just terrible.'

and even overlooking my grand dislike for his work, its terrible simply in terms of how the plot comes together and the characterization. its in so much of his work.
jamescorck's avatar
You know you're telling that to a fan of his stories, and one of his best friends, right?

I don't know how to feel about this comment.
simply a statement that comes from reading several of his stories and noticing consistent flaws to them that, apparently, no one is willing to actually point out...
seriously, the vast majority of what he rights either has needless death for forced drama, characters acting out of character or as idiots, and more often than not a combination of the two with increaesd frequency.

When the heart of an issue he is writing could have been solved by the simple solution of the characters ACTUALLY being themselves, then there is something wrong there

One of his older stories literally could have been prevented if princess luna thought and acted like princess luna.
also there being a whole mine of anti alicorn metal and celestia did not have it kept under lock and key.......
or discord not giving tirek to a group of ponies who could ahve easily had theri magic drained by tirek, which would have prevented the inexplicable moles killing all the normal guards for some reason... let alone the fact tirek could ahve just stolen their magic for himself as he despises ponies for personal reasons to begin with.

and that is the sisues of characterization and plot elements that appear in one of his stories.

issues are issues man. all i am sayin.
jamescorck's avatar
Fair enough, man.
sparklysheep456's avatar
amazing job on her eyes :3
jamescorck's avatar
Thank you so much :D
sparklysheep456's avatar
GUILLE832's avatar
She´s so nice that when she calmly explains you how she is going to consume your blood it seems as something positive :la:
gxfan537's avatar
Butterscotch: *having a nightmare, and wakes up screaming* FLUTTERSHY!!!! *breathes heavily* It-It was only a dream. *sadly thinks of Fluttershy and walks to the living room to watch TV*
NeroDarkard's avatar
Yessssss finally! thanks for the notification!
YoshiRingo's avatar
Thats so sad, I hope she'll be ok ;-;
YoshiRingo's avatar
Oh no, but she's just crying D:
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