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Fanart - MLP. Sanguine Kindness. Illustration 11

By jamescorck
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Commission for :iconrated-r-ponystar:

This is an illustration for a fanfic called "Sanguine Kindness" that is being written by Rated Ponystar.

You can read the chapter right here -> Sanguine Kindness: Chapter 7, Nightmare Night Slaughter.

You can read the fanfic right here -> Sanguine Kindness.

You can read a preview of the chapter this illustration belongs to, right below these lines:

Dinky felt all the blood drain from her face at the impossible scene that was right in front of her. She had been to the funeral. All of Ponyville did. She remember placing a flower at her coffin and whispering her goodbyes. She had seen her peaceful expression while she lay in her dress. It was known throughout the entire nation of Equestria that Fluttershy, Element of Kindness, had died nearly a month and half ago.

Yet there she was. Inches away from Tender, with eyes as red as blood, teeth as sharp as knives, and a look of pure evil that made a part of Dinky’s soul shrivel up and die inside. The dead didn’t come back to life. It was impossible. Yet the impossible was happening right in front of Dinky right now as Fluttershy was hanging upside down like a living bat.

So shocked and horrified at what she was seeing that Dinky didn’t have time to warn Tender as he turned around. His own scared expression soon mirrored that of Dinky’s as he stared at the one thought dead pegasus whose mouth was dripping with blood.

I drew this one almost on a trance, as I found myself working in between projects, really tired, and a little sleep deprived. Almost like how I'm writing this description right now. Excuse all my typos. I've very rarely had the chance to draw something with this set up or concept before. I like the idea of monsters sneaking up on unaware characters, only to pounce on them and then murder them in the most savage fashion.

I hope you all enjoy this one. Please feel free to let me know what you think of it in the comments. Thank you so much for checking my artwork!

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© 2016 - 2021 jamescorck
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ShaleZookeeper7's avatar
Vampireshy: "Boo..."
Brolyie12's avatar
Waiting My Little Flutterbat guy I'll give you a
Election Either you serve us or you bulls Halloween emote: Rian Devil 
tigreanpony's avatar
Don't like this type of genre but the art is really good, nicely done.
jamescorck's avatar
Thank you!

I'm glad to see the piece is good enough that you can appreciate it outside of your preferences.
IBAIPshow's avatar
Oh yes, we dig the #JamesCorck #FilmNoir. This piece has a dash of #dualtone with the red along with the man's trademark use of tone. Solid expressions from the characters also help bring this piece to life. Well done #tonemaster, keep up the great work /)
jamescorck's avatar
Heheheh, #FilmNoir I totally didn't know you could use hashtags in the comments on DA, awesome!

You're too kind Lucky. I never considered myself that good when it comes to tone, which is why I'm so careful about it. Maybe that's why it works better than usual, because I'm super careful about getting it right.

I shall keep up the great work, if you keep being this awesome! *(\
b33sandun1corns's avatar
amazing job (: I really like these I don't know why lol actually I love your whole gallery x3 
thanks for allowing this in the group c: always love having vampire Fluttershy in there
jamescorck's avatar
Thank you so much!

I have no problem sharing my artwork in groups here on DA. It's quite thrilling to find out people like what I do enough that they want more people to see it.

So thank you so much for featuring it!
b33sandun1corns's avatar
no prob and that's good and no prob
CMoretzfan19's avatar
yayyyyy you're doing moreeeee!!
jamescorck's avatar
Oh yeah!

There will be a few more coming, as the fanfic is still going strong, so keep your eyes peeled!
CMoretzfan19's avatar
Ok cool :3 gotta start reading it again too 
SvartabergetArt's avatar
Nice design and details
jamescorck's avatar
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