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Fanart - MLP. Princess Mac's Fine Steed

He is the most elegant, regal and happiest of Princesses in Equestria and he soars through the skies riding his faithful steed Smarty Pants.

I don't know how this idea came to be, but I remember this was during one of my most successful request streams in a while. I remember I was doing Princess related stuff, and amongst all the Princesses that rule all over Equestria there is no more regal, no more powerful, no more adorable Princess than Princess Big Mac. I honestly don't know what I was thinking about when I said "Yes!" but I definitely don't regret taking this one because it was a blast. That background was a nightmare to work through, though. Who thought cotton candy clouds could be so impossible to render properly?

I also used this picture as a test field to improve the one thing that's a constant source of problems in my art. It's not the sketch, the colors, the shading or even the backgrounds, but the inking. My inking is an endless source of multiple problems that I need to put under control if I don't want to see the quality of future pictures be diminished. As for why Big Mac is able to ride Smarty Pants, he either grew small or Twilight made the doll huge, and then applied a "Come to Life" spell that turned the toy into a living breathing steed. Yes, that makes sense!

Art by James Corck.
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Little did you know that this dream idea would become canon in S5. Pretty similar design too.
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I bet Pixel Kitties lost it when she saw it.
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I laughed WAY to hard at this! :D :D 
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Perfectly natural reaction, I must say :D
And after this night, Princess Luna never visited Big Mac's dreams ever again.
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xD Dude that made me laugh, thanks. I haven't laughed in a while. :D
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k, this is nice xd
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Big Mac is best princess.
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Has Peter New seen this yet? lol
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He has, and he has shared it in his Facebook page :D
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I dont even.... EPIC!
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Makes no sense.. I like it!
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Yay, best princess got a noble steed!
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That is what Big Mac dreams sometimes. The only pony who knows about this is obviously Luna. But Luna, seeing him enjoying it so much and making him happy and easier to fight his most fearsome nightmares, she gave him the possibility to transform as this version of himself. Only Luna knows. Thankfully for Big Mac. It is now strange to Applejack, that her brother sleep more than he used to... and laughs more while he sleeps.

Awesome work
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This is so majestic XD
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:D creeped me out.xd PEWDS
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