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Fanart - MLP. My Little Pony Logo - Zecora

By jamescorck
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In before somebody quotes Mass Effect 2 with: "You humans are all racists!"

Honestly though, there is no way I could have made this one. From the very first time we saw her we were told Zecora is not a Pony, so it was either change the word pony on the title or on the subtitle. And since the show is not called "My Little Zebra" I went for changing it on the subtitle. It looks better as well, don't you agree?

Edit by James Corck.
MLP:FiM logo belongs to Hasbro.
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zecora is my favorite caracter because iam an african
KittyWolves123's avatar
YuntaoXD's avatar
She's the only zebra;) (Wink) 
YuntaoXD's avatar
so she is the best one anyway
CretozSanktom's avatar
I play Zecora on a Pony RP site, and I wondered if I could use this on my profile. With a link to your page and credit of course. 
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I highly suggest you do Gilda and Pinkamena.

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*sighs* if only there were a king sombra one...
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Zecora Emote Zecora Emote Zecora Emote Zecora Emote Zecora Emote Zecora Emote Zecora Emote Zecora Emote Zecora Emote 
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I agree with this logo,Zecora is best and only zebra.
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She have little competition.
Moo-Puppy's avatar
Zecora is best equine<3
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zecora is only zebra
9SnakelanXx's avatar
"Zecora is best pony"
jamescorck's avatar
She's not a pony, she's a zebra.
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I think I would have to agree, she is the best Zebra... ^^;
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Zecora is best Zebra because she is the only zebra
florapony's avatar
Right-right! :D You are right....
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For now!

If there were other zebras, she'd still be best zebra.
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