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Fanart - MLP. My Little Pony Logo - Derpy

Did somebody asked for a "Derpy is Best Pony" logo?

I sure think so, because I've got requests for this logo ever since I started this trend, and since nobody else seemed to get around it I took the chance to go ahead and do one. She's cute, how could I not do one? She is the pony that we see in the background, hanging around and ready to cross her eyes in her own unique way. I originally went for the usual cutie mark thing for the "P" and the "O" but it looked like Chrysalis' logo, so I decided to go simple and put her eyes on it.

Also, I am doing something new with future Best Pony logos. As you may have noticed, I added a type of commission to my commission list, and that's "Best Pony Logos" for 5$. These logos will be for OC's. I know I said before I didn't want to draw "Best Pony" OC logos because I don't know how fans will react, as they can either be positive, indifferent, or (most likely) negative towards it. But I have faith in you guys acting civil and so I will be posting every single Best OC Logo that I get commissioned. I already got commissioned 3! They are easy to draw, and very cheap, so feel free to ask for some when commissions are open.

But for now, enjoy some Derped Mare Logo.

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MLP:FiM Logo belongs to Hasbro.
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