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Fanart - MLP. Jotaru Jack VS DIOrity

Commission for :iconkuramainen:

This one was an oddity for me to work on. I rarely do crossovers of things I'm not a fan of, but after drawing this I think I will definitely give a try to "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure". Here you have Rarity and Applejack fighting each other standing as DIO and Jotaro Kujo from that particular show. Why them? Because they go together perfect and I think it's fun to see them fighting each other in some over the top fashion.

I did my best to try and emulate the kick ass and very striking art style from Super Street Fighter IV, with the paint splotches framing the bodies of the characters. I also didn't blur the black outlines, went for a harsher shading style, and overloaded the picture with elements (Canterlot in the background, the explosion, the clouds, the Japanese kanji that read "Rarity" and "Applejack"). I also did the very first draft of this pose in my Google Nexus tablet, using my finger. That was fun.

Also, Rarity butt. Because she's Best Pony, and that butt is sculptural.

Art by James Corck
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Dude! This looks awesome!
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GRANdiosas ^^
jamescorck's avatar
Gracias <3 <3 <3
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:icondatplot: Dat Rarity! x3
jamescorck's avatar
Them fabulous buttocks.
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Even Speedwagon is a brony! 
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I totally recommend you JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. It may be slow at the start, but you will end loving it!
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It's in my "To Watch" list.
IHaveNoArt4U's avatar
bast crossover EVERRRRRRRRRRRR!!! :D
jamescorck's avatar
I think Ponies and Anime combined works surprisingly well.
IHaveNoArt4U's avatar
so true so so true and your art show it :)
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So which one's JoJo?
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I guess Applejack is.

Isn't Jotaro Kujo this one Jo-Jo?
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You are correct, Jotaro is the JoJo for part three. Every part has a different JoJo but they all share the same type of name with 'Jo' both in their first name and in their surname.
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FIGHT! art is awesome, %20 cooler than  dash if you ask me -3-
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If you're getting into JoJo, then I'd at least start with the recent anime that's covering all of the manga. Right now it's a bit way into Part 3 now (which is where the Dio vs Jotaro fight comes from). 

Or if you're crazy, go to batoto and read the entire manga, all the way to up part 8 and going.
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Thank you for the advice :)
Just a little forewarning, the series has been going on since the late 80's so expect many art shifts and such. Plus reading a looooooot of volumes if you have the spare time.
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Today on 'How Corner died' - An overdose of awesome because he saw this picture.

But seriously, one can never go wrong when commissioning James. The moment he makes a bad picture is the day I become a good artist. Which is never.
jamescorck's avatar
Awww, come on.

I can cope with many things, but not with your death XD

Thank you for supporting my craft Corner, you're awesome <3
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Bright colors, awesome background and dat plot! I'm loving this artwork! Luca La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La 
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