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Fanart - MLP. Hot Fireproof Apple

By jamescorck
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You know what pony I have neglected a lot in my art recently? Applejack.

I am not exaggerating when I say that AJ is threatening Rarity's position as my favorite character of the show, if only for sheer amount of horse power and badassery. Say what you want about her being over-protective with Applebloom in the first two acts of "Somepony to Watch Over Me" but in the third act she broke her concerns and went into full blown kick-ass mode. The kind of mode that ends with her enemies' spines twisted against apple trees in agony. It was a great moment, and it showed that she can complement those concerns with a good amount of muscle.

I need to draw more Applejack. She's not a silly pony. She's not a background pony. She's not a bad pony. She's perfect. She's perfect in all her apple ways.

So, of course, I had to draw something about it! I started this as a small picture, just to satisfy my needs to see more Applejack in skin-tight fireproof boots. It turned into an exercise of light reflection and shading, and I really need those nowadays. The kind of commission work I've been doing has been fun, but I wasn't training hard enough with it. Consider this an exercise where I try my best to keep lighting consistent. I didn't want to try and give the boots leather feel, mostly because I can't imagine anyone going with skintight leather anything into a forest fire. Normally you wear gear made out of fireproof fabric, and from what I know those are not made out of leather, I think they are carbon based.

Also, yes, Apple-butt. I'm not making any apologies. Apple-butt with straps, a saddle, a whip, a spiked collar, and a black hat. Let me tell you, she might be in the middle of a fire swamp, but that definitely felt like the North Pole as soon as she arrived. Too hot for me.

Art by James Corck
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she came and pulled a batman.
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Fireproof boots to protect the legs. A whip to fend off swamp tigers. A spiked collar to prevent bites from swamp vampires. A saddle for... some reason. Anway, all very practical, necessary tools. Totally not fetish wear. :D
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Is it wrong that this image makes me feel...funny?
'Cause if it is, I don't wanna be right.
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Now that's really hot.  ;p
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well i got no words 
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this is....Incredible!!!!
I agreee so much whit you! was funny the overprotective part, and then, this badass part was soo amazing! 
she is already my favorite pony =3, and is great seeing that is becoming yours too hahah XD 
I just must say..that her eyes in the pic are a little scary XD, but that badass...and sexy outfit you drawed is cool!
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AJ is nice. I like her as her character is. She has her quirks and moments, but She is her own character, she never conforms, and that's what I like about her.

But still, Rainbow is Best Pony.

:iconrdglassesplz:  I regret nothing.
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looks awesome!!
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"She's not a silly pony. She's not a background pony. She's not a bad pony. She's perfect. She's perfect in all her apple ways."

Now only this fandom has to realize it. I am sick of all the AJ hatred. Great work, love AJ and her badassery.
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Fireproof boots
+60% fire resist
-50 sanity
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Nicely done =) i just made a showedit on DB but this here is waaayy better ^^
And finally more Applebutt...uhmm, Applejack in your gallery =D
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This is perfect in so many ways
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I absolutely love this art, but I love the artist's note even more <333 
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I love you in some many ways you should file a restraining order against me.
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