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Fanart - MLP. Discord's Juggling Show

Request drawn during the Request Stream on the 23rd of May, during the Villaintine's Marathon that the HUB was doing centered around Discord.

This is one of the four pictures that were sketched, and that you guys can check by clicking this link -> Discord Sketches on my Tumblr blog.

Do you remember that scene in Aladdin where the Genie makes copies of his head and juggles with them? Well, this is exactly like that, but with all of Discord's body parts. I liked the idea of Discord being able to detach his limbs and do some juggling with them, only for him to put them out of order like he was some sort of drunk Mr. Potato Head.

I think Hasbro should make a Mr. Potato Head-style Discord toy, that you can remove his limbs and arrange them as you feel like it. Yes. This is a good idea.

Art by James Corck
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It's hilarious how this picture is tagged "IKEA" on Derpibooru.
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Ha ha, that was me! BD
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Discord at his best :3 Magnificant work!
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Like in "My Favorite Martian"
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It's not too far from the truth; Discord has fallen apart in the show quite a bit.
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He does it in pretty much every episode he is in.
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Which is nice. Not so sure about the finale unless you count the Terminator reference as one.

I also think my favorite bit about this is the "_____ goes here".
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I'll count the T-1000 reference as one, yeah ;D
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