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Fanart - MLP. Diamond Politics

Commission for :iconssjcharon:

Featuring the beloved characters Coffee Talk and Kingsley created by :iconask-wiggles: characterized as Piper Wright and Major McDonough from the video game "Fallout 4".

Almost a whole year without updating and now two pictures in one month!? Madness!

This is what happens when you let a mad pony run a city. He will end up making stuff like this. I have to say, I don't think anyone would want to stick their teeth into a cake that's covered in crystals and bottle caps, but I guess there's way more eccentric things in the world out there. I will confess I have never seen Fallout 4, but so far everyone who's seen this picture says this fits the characters quite well, so I'll take their word for it.

The most fun part out of drawing this one was doing Kingsley. I'm sorry but I just love this big goof with his long squared snout, and his silly pose, and his adorable stupid face. I could draw him for a whole year and never get tired of him.

I hope you guys enjoy this one!

You can also check the Making of Post right here.

Please, let me know what you think of it in the comments. I appreciate and every single one I receive.

Thank you!

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"Double Diamond City's citizens deserve to know what you've been hiding, Mayor! I smell a sweet scoop, and you're gonna cut me a slice of it!"
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The level of these puns rivals with that of "Batman and Robin", good grief XD
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I had not noticed the bottle caps

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Heheh, well that's actually kind of a good thing! Counts as an Easter egg!
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Piper Wright [Chat picture] : Just had to oust the Mayor, he made a cake with spikes! You know who does that, a synth!
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Is "synth" a slang word for robots and androids?
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I think it's short for synthetic because synths are synthetically made in the institute, I could be wrong though.
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Interesting. That's something I didn't knew.
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