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Fanart - MLP. Dark Conqueror

Commission for :iconcornerengy:

It's sad that I can't draw King Sombra all that often. I said it before, and I will say it again, I think he's rather underrated when it comes to MLP Baddies. So what if he is a black and red unicorn OC? So what if he had three words of dialogue and nothing else? For a puff of smoke with a dorky angry face, he did more than other bad guys have done. I like him because his powers come from how much he has scarred the minds of those he used to rule over. Sucks we are quite likely never going to see him again because the power of Love shattered him into tiny pieces.

So I feel really happy I got commissioned to draw this picture. Any bit of Sombra appreciation is little. Also, I wasn't liking the way this was going up until the last thirty minutes of working on it. I have no idea what I did on it, but I liked it. I have to work more with tones of grey so I can recreate that in future pictures.

art by James Corck.
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