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Fanart - MLP. Crashicorn

Picture drawn for Dev_Nights during my Fundraising Stream on the 16th of May.

Although Season 4 of Friendship is Magic had quite a good amount of moments with Twilight struggling with her new wings, crashing, learning how to fly, getting used to stand on clouds and all that, I would've wanted to see a little bit more. I just find it hilarious how she doesn't give up on learning and training, yet she (almost) always ends up with a face -full of dirt. Or, in this picture's case, a face-full of apples.

Twilight didn't calculate the distance between her point in the sky and Applejack's apple tree and she crashed in it in the most inadequate way possible. Rainbow Dash (and Applejack) are not amused. She hurt her butt in the crash landing.

Art by James Corck
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:icontwilightsparkleplz: "SO glad when I finally graduated out of that learning phase..."
:icondashangryplz: "You and me both..."