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Fanart - MLP. Brotherhood of Adorkable

Commission for :iconssjcharon:

To continue on the line of illustrations with characters of MLP mixed with characters from Fallout, here you have Twilight Sparkle, Moondancer and Spike as members of the Brotherhood of Steel. It didn't take me long to figure out that Twilight should be either an Elder or a Head scribe, and Moondancer had to be only slightly below rank respect Twilight. Spike was going to be a Paladin, there was no doubt on that regard, but I wasn't sure if young Spikey-Wikey would've been fit to put on the armor and act as (what is essentially) a bodyguard. So I aged him up, gave him a plasma rifle (because of his green flame) and there you go. I like this badass version of Spike, I hope you guys do too.

I was both looking forward and dreading to draw the archives of the Brotherhood of Steel from Fallout: New Vegas. Despite how long it took me to draw them, I quite enjoyed it from beginning to end, and I think they turned out somewhat good. I'll let you guys judge the depth of field and quality of the background in the comments. By the by, the costumes of the Brotherhood of Steel are amazing. I'd kill to have one of them.

As per usual with this series, the original deviations are here Comission - Twilight Scribe by jamescorck and here Comission - Paladin Twilight Sparkle by jamescorck It's been a long time coming since drawings like this one, hasn't it?

I hope you guys like it! Please let me know what you think in the comments!

Art by James Corck.
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Call me what you want, I would read that book much sooner than Kkat's. I am interested in seeing more of this universe if you are ever inclined.