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Fanart - MLP. Applejack, Equestrian Soldier



Drawn to celebrate "Applejack Appreciation Day".

It feels kind of weird to draw fanart of a recent episode somewhat around the same time that episode came out. I've been so busy with commissions lately that not until now I've been able to draw some, and I have to say it feels as weird as it feels fantastic. I have so much to catch up with fanart wise, especially drawing some much needed pictures of Moondancer.

But Applejack! Applejack is the only one of the Mane Six whom I'd trust with my life. There is a lot of confidence, and safety that her character transmits to me. She's reliable, loyal, truthful, and knows what she's doing. When I saw her working at the farm, preparing rations for the army during the "Crystal War" Timeline, I thought to myself: "She's going to be there for just a few weeks, before she puts on one of those suits and goes to the battlefield". That's why I drew this. To me Applejack is a mare that thrives in the heat of the battle as she does while bucking apples.

Also I was listening to How Applejack won the War all the time while working on this.

I hope you guys like it! Let me know what you think in the comments!

Art by James Corck
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Yeah, AJ is definitely a soldier to me. Maybe Captain Equestria, standing up for Friendship, Harmony and the Equestrian Way!