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Fanart - MLP. Angry Radiation



Commission for :iconyonlionz:

This is the second of two pictures that Yonlionz commissioned with his (at the point of uploading this) nameless unicorn OC. The original idea for this picture was pretty much the same as the previous one, so for the sake of variation I decided to change it and do something more interesting with it. I really like this OC, and I love the color scheme, and the glowing green eyes, and anger, and the scythe, everything is so cool and has such badass potential. So I cranked it up a little and this is the result. I had too much fun atmosphere to it. Even now I would like to keep adding more as I'm looking at it.

Here's the first one Fanart - MLP. Radioactive Training by jamescorck

Art by James Corck.
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hey dude find this on facebook .. look at the cutiemark…