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Fanart - MLP. Amazon-Shy

Picture drawn during my "Fluttershy Themed Stream!"

During today's stream I had a theme going on focused around Fluttershy with the sole purpose of giving the meek pegasus a bit more of the spotlight in my artwork. She is a good character, and deservedly loved by many, including me. One of the pictures that got requested was Fluttershy dressed as an amazon, riding a Triceratops. Drawing a full blown dinosaur would've taken way too much time, so I simplified it to her dropping on a vine while tensing a bow with her teeth.

I think it turned out pretty okay. It's funny, I rarely draw Fluttershy, but anytime I draw her she is a badass in the picture. She can be quite badass, in her own, meek, shy and adorable way.

Art by James Corck
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I can picture her like this at the grand galloping gala.  

:iconfluttershyrageplz::iconsays1plz: You're... Going... To LOVE ME!!!
WarriorsBrony's avatar
WOAH, epic flutters, but, that has a slim chance down to almost nothing of happening
zsewq55912's avatar
if i didn't know any better i would call her crazy hourse
DoughnutJoe's avatar
:iconfluttersqueeplz::iconsaysplz:Simply rubbing this arrow on a colorful frog, it becomes so poisonous a scratch will kill you in seconds. Isn't nature fascinating?
4ScarfAce4's avatar
Ah ... Wondershy.
idislikecake's avatar
That "lipstick" around her mouth makes me go "Why So Serious?" :)
davidknight's avatar
She has become 30% Cooler!....If that's okay with you.
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