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Fanart - MLP. Afternoon at the Cordon Blue

Super Long Overdue commission for the fantastic :iconjokerboxer:

This one was requested during one of the last charity streams I had to organize last year, and due to my busy schedule I have been unable to get to it up until now. It feels really satisfying to complete such a big picture, but it also feels quite sad. It was a lot of fun drawing this, taking the time to add every detail, profile every character, sketch every line. I had a blast shading this one, trying to figure out where the light fell and the shadow projected has never been so entertaining. It was a challenge, and in the end everyone involved came out satisfied with the result (even I like the picture, and I don't usually do this).

What you have here is a typical scene in the town of Ponyville, as an odd group of background and secondary ponies gather to enjoy their meals. Yes, all you see here are background characters and secondary characters from the show. None of these are OCs. You are more than welcome to play "Tag the Pony" in the comments. I will let you know if you got them right or not ;) I hope you all enjoy this picture!

Art by James Corck
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Seems Amethyst Star has the same cutie mark as Mint Jewelup and Lemony Gem. I saw a preview and Ms. Star is going to have screen time. :D Bringing background ponies into attention is what we discussed while you were drawing this. I don't know if you had a hand in influencing this but if you did I say congratulations. Episode 100 is going to be something else!