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Fanart - MLP. After Duel

By jamescorck
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Commission for :iconiamallyballybee:

Here's Fantasy Rouge, about to lay some serious punishment on whatever or whoever just broke into her magic studio. It's not easy being a wizard. You'd either blow yourself up when mixing potions, or you'll botch a spell casting, or some sort of ancient evil creature/rival/monster/whatever will sense your magic energy and want to defeat you into a pile of ash. That ain't going to be a problem for Fantasy. She's going to kick some serious flank and take no prisoners while she's at it.

This one almost got away from me to turn into a greyscale picture. I started with the crosshatching and before I realized I was adding shading to the walls, the floor, and textures left and right. It's what happens when I enjoy working on a drawing way too much. I'll also say here that Fantasy Rouge is one of my favorite OCs I've ever drawn. I'm not sure what it is, but I really dig the way she looks, and the fact that she's a straight-up magician. Another thing I was going for was to make this drawing look like it could be in a Dungeons & Dragons handbook. You know, like those illustrations that are just inked with a somewhat simplistic background. I hope I got close in that regard.

We need more badass magician ponies, don't you guys think?

I hope you all enjoyed the drawing! Please, feel free to let me know what you think in the comments.

Art by James Corck
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Wow! Most be a huge pain in the flank to clean this up!
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It's fine, she has a butler that cleans it all up.
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Butler? She may be a wizard but she ain't no fancy one! XD Though judging by the cut on her leg, her friends would clean up while she has a rest. 
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Must have been one heck of a duel!
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Considering the damage done to her laboratory, yeah it must have been.
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I agree we only have Twilight we need others, kind of hope Glimmer could become that if they use her in the new season.
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I'm not sure if we will ever see Twilight on such a badass status. The closer we got was the Season 4 finale, and even that felt short-lived.
RainbowSplashMAP's avatar
i aint gonna clean that.. thats for sure .... also.. i like how it looks now... suck it magic horse
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She's going to have to hire several cleaners after this.
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