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Fanart - MLP. Aela Reference Sheet



Commission for :iconyonlionz:

This is Aela of the Green Eyes, a rather cool OC that I've drawn before in two previous pictures, featured down here.

Fanart - MLP. Radioactive Training by jamescorck and Fanart - MLP. Angry Radiation by jamescorck

I had a lot of fun drawing this one, but then again I really enjoy drawing other people's OCs, and Aela is no exception. I have never been of the belief that OCs are bad, or that they should be shunned. They are the representation of someone's creativity, even the red and black Alicorn OCs that are friends with the Mane Six and are the illegitimate offspring of Celestia and King Sombra. That's why I never say no to drawing someone's OC. It's still a lot of fun, regardless of how complex or simple the design is, or how outrageous or humble their back story is.

Like every OC that I will do a reference sheet of, I will also include a back story and some information about them. Here are a couple of details about Aela's character, who she is, her motivations, etc.

    ·       Glowing green eyes.

    ·       Powers of Death, Decay and Radiation.

    ·       Her hoofprints smoke because of her powers.

    ·       She wears a hooded cloak made of brown wool when interacting with others so they won't get scared of her. Because of this the only thing visible is her face, which is shadowed, so her eyes stand out more, getting her the moniker “Aela of the green eyes”.

    ·       She has an extensive knowledge of helpful and harmful plants.

    ·       She likes to read, and sells all kinds of rare fruits, herbs and plants to get money for books. 

Back story

Her mother died in childbirth, her father hated her because of it, and sent her away to an orphanage. The orphanage manager was a abusive stallion who beat and starved her. He died of mysterious causes three weeks after she got her cutie mark. (Radiation poisoning is/was not well known in that part of Equestria.) She was “liked” by the other kids in the orphanage because the manager paid so much attention to her, he didn't beat them as much.

She has an encyclopaedic knowledge of helpful and harmful plants, which she gained after sneaking a peek into an ancient tome when her orphanage was on a field trip to the Canterlot library

She got her cutie mark at 13 years, after accidentally killing a nest of baby bunnies when she tried to pick them up with her magic.

Her given name was [content deleted] which she changed to Aela after escaping from the orphanage at age 16 (it was the name of the main character in her favourite book series), and she got the name Skullsplitter after killing a group of rapists by splitting their skulls with her bare hooves. (This was in the second spring she spent in the wilds)(The mare she saved called her that in horror, and she decided to stick with it)

She got her scythe as a gift on the fifth heart's warming eve she spent in the wilds. It was left at her shelter, wrapped in a red bow, while she was fouraging for sellable plants. To this day she still doesn't know who's it from.

Written by :iconyonlionz:

Art by James Corck.
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Thanks dude, she looks awesome!!