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Comission - Twilight Scribe

By jamescorck
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Comission for :iconssjcharon:

Sometimes I feel like I should be the one paying for these pictures. These ideas are just so good!

After the previous picture of Twilight as a Brotherhood of Steel Paladin turned out so well, the original comissioner asked me for her, again, but this time as a Scribe. I personally think she fits more into the Scribe outfit than in the power armour. While she does look badass as a Paladin, I think being a Scribe is something Twilight will do for sure.

Art by James Corck.
Twilight Sparkle comes from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and belongs to Hasbro.
Fallout and The Brotherhood of Steel Scribbe design belong to Bethesda.
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© 2012 - 2021 jamescorck
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She looks cool!
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Thank you!

This one's an oldie, I am working on a new version of Twilight as a Scribe of the Brotherhood of Steel. I hope you like what I'll end up coming up with ;)
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Here some of my suggestions for Fallout Equestria Brotherhood of Steel:

Scribe Twilight Sparkle
Knight Spike
Paladin Rainbow Dash
Paladin Applejack
Senior Knight Rarity
Medical Officer Fluttershy
Knight Pinkie Pie

Scribe Dr Whooves
Knight Derpy
Paladin Lyra
Paladin Bon Bon
Senior Vinyl Scratch
Knight Octavia

Elder Celestia
General Luna
Star Paladin Cadence
Paladin Commander Shining Armor
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Hey, you draw some fantastic art, mind if I use it for some Tragic the Garnering decks? It's Magic the Gathering, but Fallout, and FoE. Your art is great! Mind if I peruse your galleries for more? Full credit is given, but I would need your permission to use your art.
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That sounds like a lot of fun!

I love Magic the Gathering and Trading Card Games! I give you my full permission to use this art :D Thank you!!!
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And hey! If you are ever interested in helping me out with some other card artwork- well, that'd be swell. What would be even more swell is finding an artist to draw the Tragic the Garnering club. You see, I started a tumblr where I post the cards and the misadventures of the TtG club.
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That sounds like a great idea!

I am swamped right now, so I can't get myself into more projects. Like Rarity would say, I bit off more than I can chew with this, so I have to take things one by one. But feel free to use my art for the cards :D
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All I can do is make a request, because I don't have the money for a commission.

If Twilight's a scribe, then what I think would be fitting (and kinda funny) is if Spike was also a scribe, but had dreams and visions of him being a Paladin (Sir Spike, from Season 1, Episode 19: A Dog and Pony Show).

Just throwing that out there. You know, in case anybody with commissioning money think that this is a good idea.
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I think Spike should be a Paladin, straight forward, and he is in love with Rarity who is part of the White Glove Society, which has him conflicted. Someone should make a patch with a mission like that in New Vegas.
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Or maybe it's somewhere in between, as in he's a low ranking Brotherhood solider, maybe a knight, but he wants to be and envisions himself as Head Paladin (or a Paladin in general). If there really was a mod like that, I think I'd be kinda funny to see normal Spike attempting to impress Rarity.

Man, if only I had a copy of NV for my computer and if I knew anything at all about making mods for it...
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That would be awesome.
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Twilight must now be assigned to the Brotherhood of steel as their scribe, definitely looks better in a robe than cold metal.
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She totally will, and she will love to take care of the archives, and all those books.
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and scrolls, can't ever forget the scrolls
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This is such an awesome one, thank you. I wish I could give something a little more detailed, but honestly I can't think of anything to say to justify.
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I'm happy you liked it ^_^;

I hope you are okay with how I drew it, and the elements I added to it. The next one is in the making! I will finish it after work ;D
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I'm more than okay with what you did. Adding her holding a book up instead of the firearm that she had in the last one was a great touch.

Take your time on the next one. I can wait for quality.
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I just finished it XD

I hope you like that one too!
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This'd be a nice fate for her if it wern't for creating the Goddess...
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