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Comission - Paladin Twilight Sparkle

By jamescorck
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Comission for :iconssjcharon:

He feeds, not only my wallet, but also my passion for Fallout.

I should be the one paying him for these ideas.

Art by James Corck.

Twilight Sparkle comes from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and belongs to Hasbro.

Power Armor design inspired in Fallout 3, owned by Bethesda.
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© 2012 - 2021 jamescorck
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Heehee, loving these a lot. I especially love how the power armor looks worn and used, as if it's really been laying in dust for a hundred years before being put on again. Very nice
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Thank you!

That's why I preffer making traditional artwork rather than digital for the Fallout pieces. It makes them feel washed out, dirty and murky.
zzzzzzzzz23's avatar
plasma ammo is expensive! poor twilight. has to pay for all of it.
jamescorck's avatar
Not necesarily.

I bet she can re-charge the empty magazines with her own magic energy.
zzzzzzzzz23's avatar
thats smart, i wish my OC was a unicorn, but she is a pegisus
Msvman's avatar
Or plasma xD
ParastarSarasva's avatar
She's using an energy based weapon correct? Figures if she were that she'd pretty much have unlimited ammo. *uhm,hint,hint*
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Of course she is.

That's the closest she will get to magic in the Wasteland. That's how I play her in New Vegas anyways.
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