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Ask Movie Slate - The Christmas Tree



Ask Movie Slate - Episode 170

Yes, I am talking about that...thing, that Doug Walker reviewed a couple of years ago in his Nostalgia Critic show. Here's his review, and here's the movie.

I got an ask for this movie right after the Critic did his review, but I decided to delay on it because I didn't really know what to say that he didn't say already. The movie is just as bad as one would expect just from the premise and the first five minutes alone. It's a black hole of creativity and happiness. Watching this movie really was depressing, not so much because of how lazy it all is, but because it was giving me nothing to work with. My short review of it would be not to watch it, not even for a joke. You can spend forty minutes looking at a blank wall and you'll get more out of it than out of this waste.

So, since it gave me nothing to work with I thought "Why not having Movie Slate confused about the person who's sent her a tree instead of a movie to review?". So here we have confused Movie Slate, trying to figure out why she now has a plant with balls and lights hanging from it in the middle of her ticket booth. Her cousin isn't helping much, as she's trying to figure out what those presents have in them. I have to draw Cotton Bucket more often, she's a total cutie, and I think people forget she's even in the blog at all.

That ticket booth is a new background, by the way, so consider this one also a bit of an experimental update. I think it works out fine, but it all depends on what you guys think. Do you like the booth? Would you want to see it in a background that's less busy than this one to form a more solid opinion? Please, feel free to leave a comment letting me know what you think, and also what you think of this picture. I hope you find its silliness enjoyable.

Thank you!

Bigger version of this drawing right here - Ask Movie Slate - Episode 170 (BIG) by jamescorck

You can check the update on Movie Slate's blog right here.

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How did you even get the tree in the booth in the first place? awesome artwork by the way, never ceases to amaze me.