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Ask Movie Slate - The Boondock Saints

Ask Movie Slate - Episode 182

Commissioned by :iconssjcharon:

Drawing this one was something of a last minute decision. I had no plans for St. Patrick's day, but lo and behold, my friend Charonib comes around with the crazy idea of Movie Slate as Willem Dafoe from "The Boondock Saints". After watching the movie, there was no way I could say no. I managed to crank this one up in a record time for me (took me around 7 hours of solid work, including drawing a re-usable background for future Movie Slate updates) and I have to say I feel rather proud of that explosion. I don't often have the chance to Michael Bay things up, so I hope you guys also enjoy that explosion effect. Also drawing those guns was crazy fun.

"The Boondock Saints" is one of those movies I completely passed upon, because it didn't seem all that special for me, and I have to admit I wasn't all that thrilled about it when I watched it recently. Things didn't get better with the way the title credits are arranged (one of the worst title credits I've ever seen, and I've seen a few bad ones). But besides that, it is a pretty good movie. It's akin to the old vigilante/slash revenge movies you'd see Charles Bronson starring in, with two brothers taking upon themselves to clean the city of Boston of all the mobsters that operate in it. It's edited really clever, with the action scenes intertwined with the FBI investigation that tracks their exploits, it's full of memorable characters and performances (especially Willem Dafoe as the FBI Agent in charge, and Billy Connolly as a hit-man), and it's surprisingly violent. If you're into action movies that know how to squeeze every dollar out of their low budgets, give this one a watch because you might be like me: You won't regret it.

Ever since I played "Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder" at Hearths Warming Con with my friends, I've been fascinated with the designs of the grown up versions of all fillies and colts from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I've been wanting to draw them ever since, so I had to put both Snips and Snails in this update, as Connor and Murphy MacManus. I've also made the decision of having all future appearances from any filly and colt (and baby dragon) from Friendship is Magic to be their grown up version. I think that will make the blog more interesting, and it won't limit me so much when it comes to feature characters in future updates. Besides drawing these two as two total badasses instead of the usual clumsy and useless duo feels refreshing, truth be told.

Happy St. Patrick's day! Drink responsibly everyone.

I hope you guys enjoy the picture!

Please, let me know what you think of it in the comments. I appreciate and every single one I receive.

Thank you!

You can check the update on Movie Slate's blog right here.

Art by James Corck
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GreatTeacherDiCenso's avatar
Boondock Saints is awesome because it's a comic book movie based on a comic book that doesn't this reality.  The comic was written by Garth Ennis from a reality where he still retained everything you love about his style in regards to action, violence and humor, but not only didn't have a raging mad on towards organized religion was a loyal Irish Catholic to boot!
MorcegoCinzento's avatar
YES! MLP Boondocks is what i wanted!
jamescorck's avatar
I'm really glad you enjoy it :)
Berlioz-II's avatar
And then Snips and Snails were issued a lawsuit for the wanton destruction of private property and suddenly things were less badass. Love the expressions and the Michael Bay'ing effect of explodes-a-lot for no good reason.

As for the movie, I saw this ages ago and don't really remember much about it. I don't think I cared for it much at the time, but I may catch it again one of these days to see how I would feel about it today.
jamescorck's avatar
I'm sure they will consider that lawsuit worth it for all their badassery. Thank you, for your compliments. I enjoyed drawing that explosion, I think I understand why Michael Bay likes to put them so much in his movies. They can be addictive to do.

I'd recommend you to watch it again, it's aged rather well and it's very grim and grunge, which fits with how an action movie should be.
tigreanpony's avatar
Nice the poses are great, you did a great job.
jamescorck's avatar
FireHeartDraws's avatar
EXPLOSION !!!!!!!!!.   Well there goes 3rd row, and the rest of the room.  Perfect time for renovations of the theater room. XD :P
jamescorck's avatar
Eh, who needs more than three rows anyways?
tyruvelp's avatar
have you done a matrix one yet?? 
jamescorck's avatar
Yes I did, quite a long time ago. I haven't done the sequels, though. I don't know how to tackle those, though.
tyruvelp's avatar
well last movie is - you are neo and everyone else from the fandom is smith 

second movie - well you have to find a pair of twins ... 
jamescorck's avatar
Those sequels are outrageous, though.
tyruvelp's avatar
now if only there was a tron matrix inception crossover ... 
jamescorck's avatar
Just like every combination of awesome things, it'll have the potential to be absolutely terrible.
TooCliched's avatar
What a fun movie! :)
jamescorck's avatar
Yes it is, it's way too much fun.
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Krisisis's avatar
yeah, this movie was fun to watch.
jamescorck's avatar
It's severely underrated when it comes to action movies.
ArachneNet's avatar
*meewp* looks awesome! that's exactly what snips and snails would look like. nice :D
jamescorck's avatar
I wish we could ever see these guys as grown ups in the future. That would make for a really cool concept, if Hasbro would allow the show runners to develop them.
ArachneNet's avatar
Oh, that would be brilliant!
SnapCentino's avatar
I especially love how Snails came out in this. Pure badassitude.
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