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Ask Movie Slate - Tempest Shadow

Ask Movie Slate - Episode 224 - Sicario

I drew this for myself during my Birthday, as a way to unwind and relax after a rather stressful series of commissions. When I'm burnt out of work I don't just stop drawing, because for me that'd be going against my nature, instead I draw something for myself. Sometimes I show it, other times I just keep it in a drawer. This one I did for the sake of showing you all, besides I don't think I will ever have the chance to talk about "Sicario" in any other context with Movie Slate, so I thought it'd be a cool idea.

Plus it gave me an excuse to draw more Tempest Shadow. Because she's a fun edge horse and I really like her.

Denis Villeneuve is starting to become one of my favourite movie makers, definitely one of my favourite modern movie makers. I loved "Arrival", one of the best science fiction movies made in the last couple of years next to "Ex-Machina". "Incendies", "Prisoners" and "Enemy" all felt both wonderful and depressing and weird, which is weird to say when you talk about a movie. How can it be both enjoyable and depressing at the same time? But he has nailed that combination of tones. I have yet to watch "Blade Runner 2049", but everybody's telling me it's really good. But so far, my favourite movie of his has been "Sicario". There is something in this movie that feels familiar and otherworldly, like it's something we see and know about, the constant battle between the Cartels and the law enforcement, and how there's both lights and shadows on both sides. It's shot like a documentary, very cold and calculated which contrasts heavily with the emotion of the characters. The acting is superb from everyone, needless to say Emily Blunt, Benicio del Toro and Joss Brolin are stellar, and even the supporting characters are played by very good character actors like Daniel Kaluuya and Jon Bernthal. While the story is very simple the way of telling it and the characters in it are super complex, but not in a pretentious or full of itself manner. So it's both easy to follow and enthralling at the same time, and it could make a perfect double feature with "Traffic", a movie of which this feels like an spiritual successor.

The simplicities in the story of "Sicario" are more than compensated by it's complex narrative, well constructed characters, outstanding performances from all actors, tight editing, gorgeous cinematography and the firm directing pulse that Denis Villeneuve brings to his movies. If you like thrillers this is one you shouldn't miss out on.

I hope you guys enjoy the comic!

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Thank you!

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