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Ask Movie Slate - Sucker Punch

Ask Movie Slate - Episode 162.

Commissioned by :iconmithosandnai:

This picture took forever to complete, and I think all that work was worth it.

Just the background along took a good day worth of work, meshing up together several photos of rubble, derelict buildings, and old timey aerial war-machines. That robot bunny took way too long and it had enough bolts to drive me insane when it came to the shading. Only to have it all covered by the five ponies that represent the protagonists.

It figures.

Drawing them was fun though, don't get me wrong. They all have their different styles, their different ways of fighting, and their different equipment and costumes. I only wished the characters themselves had, well, you know, a bit more character than the length or lack thereof of their skirts.

"Sucker Punch" is one of those weird movies that really doesn't know what it wants to be. It throws a lot of things to the wall in the hopes of them getting stuck, but they never really do. All they are left with is a jumbled mess of a story that has no real rhyme or reason, with very unlikable characters that one can't relate to, and way too much wasted potential in the design, setting and ideas department. This movie could've been a great mini-series, had it have better focus. As it stands it's like looking into Zack Snyder's head during a fever dream, while he's high as a kite. I wouldn't recommend it, to much of my disappointment.

I hope you guys like the picture at least!

You can check the update on Tumblr here.
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Thank you so much!
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Oh wow! That is awesome!

I love how over the top it is!

The movie is insane, but I love it. :D
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The movie is clearly absolutely bonkers.
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Yes. It is... insane. :D
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