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Ask Movie Slate. Star Wars, Return of the Jedi

Ask Movie Slate - Star Wars, Return of the Jedi.

Originally uploaded on Ask Movie Slate's blog, on May 6th 2015.

Featuring :iconmlp-silver-quill: as The Emperor.

I'm afraid I've been unable to produce anything Star Wars related for this year's Star Wars Day, so instead I'm making a re-run of Movie Slate's reviews of the original trilogy, which still rank among some of my favorite drawings I've ever produced. Fear not, I'm not doing this because I'm out of ideas, but because I never uploaded these onto DeviantArt until now. Now I'm fixing this mistake.

My first instinct was to draw something involving the moon of Endor, perhaps Movie Slate and the rest of the Rebels being assaulted by a bunch of teddy bears. But honestly that would've been too easy. I then thought of doing the scene in the beginning with Jabba the Hutt, but which part of it? There's just so much to pick from! No matter what I kept finding myself in difficult positions, like with the previous two. So I went with this one because I had to give The Emperor the spotlight. He's just so much fun but so terrifying at the same time. I remember he scared the shit out of my when I was a little kid, and even nowadays he is quite scary.

I had to give Silver Quill the role as Emperor. I thought it was a funny idea, and how he wanted to seduce Movie Slate to the Dark Side of reviewing by opening her own YouTube channel. I know that going from an update that was grey and blue to another one that's mostly blue is kind of dull, but I did it for the characters, not for the setting. Besides that was was always very ominous, and a lot more intimidating than some people give it credit for. Also, Planet Express Spaceship in the background.

Okay, so while people adore A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back, there's always been kind of a split when it comes to Return of the Jedi. Personally I think people are unfair towards it, what with them focusing only on the negative aspects, but I think some of the most memorable and important moments of the Saga come from this movie. The final step Luke takes to become a Jedi, the fight between him and his father previous to this, Darth Vader killing The Emperor, Yoda dying, the Force being brought to a balance, and those incredible and intense space dogfights. Sure there's Eewoks, sure the beginning with Jabba goes on forever, and sure there's a lot of silly things in it, but holyshit the good stuff in it is just phenomenal. So yeah, I really like this one, maybe more than a little bit.

I hope you guys enjoy the picture!

You can check Movie Slate's post on Tumblr right here.

Please, let me know what you think of it in the comments. I appreciate and every single one I receive.

Thank you!

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