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Ask Movie Slate. Star Wars, A New Hope

Ask Movie Slate - Star Wars, A New Hope.

Originally uploaded on Ask Movie Slate's blog, on May 4th 2015.

Featuring :icontoonboy92484: as Han Solo, Pun Pony as Obi Wan Kenobi, and FlufflePuff as Chewbacca.

I'm afraid I've been unable to produce anything Star Wars related for this year's Star Wars Day, so instead I'm making a re-run of Movie Slate's reviews of the original trilogy, which still rank among some of my favorite drawings I've ever produced. Fear not, I'm not doing this because I'm out of ideas, but because I never uploaded these onto DeviantArt until now. Now I'm fixing this mistake.

This one was a fun one to work on. Star Wars has a plethora of awesome scenes and memorable moments that could've been drawn. The assault on the Death Star, the opening crawl, the trash compactor, Luke's first moments of Jedi training. I could've basically drawn the whole movie. But the Mos Eisley cantina scene is the one that takes the cake for me. That scene was my favorite as a kid, and even to this day it is very memorable, fun and atmospheric. It sets the tone of this universe really well without muddling things up. That's why I decided to go with it.

The casting was almost a no-brainer as well. I always wanted to use FlufflePuff as Chewie, and Pirate Dash as Han Solo makes for a perfect scoundrel. Pun Pony as Obi Wan was the most interesting choice, actually. I've always considered Ask Pun as a big influence for how I manage Movie Slate, so giving her the role of mentor made a lot of sense to me. And of course, I had to add a few cameos in the background. That's the beauty of the Mos Eisley cantina. You can add anything and anyone and they won't be out of place. Unless they are robots, of course. They don't like their kind in there.

I know at this point I make a short review of the movie but, come on, it's Star Wars. It's one of the most important movies and pieces of culture ever made. It's not only a phenomenon but also a landmark in history. There's nothing I can say about it other than I love it.

I hope you guys enjoy the picture!

You can check Movie Slate's post on Tumblr right here.

Please, let me know what you think of it in the comments. I appreciate and every single one I receive.

Thank you!

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"It's Star Wars!"

Well said. Very well said. Gotta love those background Easter Eggs that artists put in to keep the most nerdy of people on their toes. ;)