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Ask Movie Slate - Richard Stanley Hardware



Ask Movie Slate - Episode 195

Featuring the Robots created by :iconmechanized515:

It is odd when you have ideas floating in your mind, but you can't muster the energy or gather the time to work on them. This one was one of them. I've been so busy with all my pending commissions that I've had around ten or twenty Movie Slate reviews bouncing inside my head and this one was the first I decided to work on during my spare time. It was to my dismay I had to pick the most deceptively complicated of the bunch. Let this be a lesson for all of you aspiring artists. If you want to draw something you think is going to be simple because it only has three elements in it (two characters + background) don't be a fucking idiot like me and think it'll be done in an afternoon.

Watching "Richard Stanley's Hardware" only made me angrier that the Hollywood grinding machine killed his career before it could even take off. Or maybe it was all Val Kilmer's fault, who knows? Someone killed this director's career and it sucks because he had mad talent, and this movie proves that. It's based on a short story published in 2000AD, which I think translates quite well to the screen because it exudes pulp and grindhouse out of all its cinematic pores. The colors are perhaps my favorite part of the movie, how the reds, blues, oranges and greens are almost neon. They drown the scenes and drew me into the atmosphere which I think is what every good sci-fi horror movie should do. It's also really strong in its themes, how it plays with how we've come to fetishize technology to the point it has invaded our lives and almost consumed them. And that would be the word to describe "Richard Stanley's Hardware": Fetish. The movie has a strong fetish towards machines, machinery, robots, and everything that connects them to those fleshy human beings that only serve as bait for it to fulfill its purpose. It's not a flawless movie though. The acting is a bit stilted, some of the characters are either bland or impossible to relate to (with the exception of the main character who's actually pretty good), and there are some scenes that serve little to no purpose to the story (like the nomad in the middle of the desert who's there just because). But these flaws aren't that big deal breakers for me, so I can say I did enjoy "Richard Stanley's Hardware", and if you are into this sort of movie so might you, so I can give it a passing recommendation.

I had a lot of fun drawing this picture, though. It's perhaps one of the most entertaining pieces I've ever drawn, and that's maybe because I love drawing robots. I love drawing the details, the reflections on their metal plating, the steam coming out of their joints, their googly eyes with those bright death-glares. They are so much fun to draw! And I also had a massive soft spot for the way Mecha drew the defects for his Ask Robot Octavia blog, so of course this had to happen and it had to be dark, creepy, and nightmarish. If I didn't give him nightmares then it would've been for nothing. His comments on the finished product made me really happy, I assure you.

I hope you guys enjoy the picture!

Please, let me know what you think of it in the comments. I appreciate each and every single one I receive.

Thank you!

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Seeing the name Van Kilmer kinda reminded me of this one shitty horror movie he made called The Traveler, which got really goofy when near the end he's doing disco poses while firing mind bullets all around.