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Ask Movie Slate - Office Space

Ask Movie Slate - Episode 197

Featuring :icontoonboy92484: and Paper Clip, created by :iconsketchysounds:

If you were on Tumblr around 2015's April, you might remember their Executive Suite Productivity Edition 2016. Among the features they added there was the option to activate a pop up helper named "Coppy", just like Clippy from MS Word but in copy machine form. Now, I personally don't have anything against Coppy, but the concept of having Movie Slate and her friends beat the shit out of a copy machine for this movie's review was too tempting not to do so. And it also gives all those who didn't like Coppy a glimpse of the suffering it's about to suffer. Don't worry, it's not alive, it won't feel a thing. Also, Paper Clip ranks up there among the angriest most pissed off ponies I've ever drawn.

"Office Space"  is that one movie that (almost) every single person in my circle of friends has recommended me, but that I never really bothered checking out. I went into it with a little bit of dread. What if the movie wasn't worth all the hype? What if it wasn't as funny or clever as everyone was telling me? Well, I'm glad to say that the hype was definitely worth it. "Office Space" is one of the most enjoyable comedies I've seen in quite some time, and that's a big deal considering the current state of comedy as a genre (what with the barren arid wasteland it has become full of Movie movies and recycled cliché fests). Say what you want about the late 90's but those were some of the best years when it came to comedies (Dogma, Chasing Amy, Big Lebowski, The Cable Guy, Happy Gilmore and so on). Hell, it was such a good time for comedies even Adam Sandler was making more good movies than bad movies. I miss those days because comedies that were both good and funny were the norm, something you'd find in the theater even when you weren't looking for them, instead of how things are nowadays where good and funny comedies are the exception. You might have noticed I'm not talking much about the movie, but come on. It's "Office Space". I think I'm one of the last human beings on the planet to see it, and whatever I try to tell you would be nothing but a disservice to its brilliance. Go check it out if you haven't already.

I've noticed recently that almost all my Movie Slate pictures have been really dark and gloomy, even when the subject matter didn't ask for it. I'm very keen on amplifying the shadows, making them really strong, so I went with a different approach for this picture and made it a bit brighter. It was rather satisfying and took me a lot less time to complete it than I originally thought. It feels good, you know? I have to mix it up more often.

I hope you guys enjoy the picture!

Please, let me know what you think of it in the comments. I appreciate each and every single one I receive.

Thank you!

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One of my favorite movie moments.   I work as a maintenance tech and I can't tell you how many machines or people that I wanted to do this to.  ;)  
jamescorck's avatar
You guys should have a copy machine that you can beat the shit out of it when you're frustrated or stressed.
tigreanpony's avatar
Yes that was a great movie, loved Office Space. Don't forget your TPS Reports they are due Sunday. Oh and I need to come into work on Saturday that would great.
jamescorck's avatar
I'd put covers on those TPS Reports, then shove them up their asses.
AJR001's avatar
This is gonna hurt... :XD:
jamescorck's avatar
For the copy machine it sure will.
*steps out of my Mercedes with my crew*
jamescorck's avatar
I hope you brought the gasoline this time.
MorcegoCinzento's avatar
Well Miss Movie Slate, i'm gonna need you to work up tomorrow, so if you could be here sunday by 9:00 it would be greeeeat *sips the mug of coffee*
jamescorck's avatar
"Keep sipping from that mug and I'll shove it down your throat >:C"

I think Movie has ran out of fucks XD
MorcegoCinzento's avatar
Digoraccoon's avatar
When I worked for the printer company Lexmark, the managers brought this movie for everyone to watch after hours on a big projector screen. We had such cool managers then. :3
jamescorck's avatar
Your old managers sound like the coolest of guys!
GJTProductions's avatar
Did they use Lexmark printers in the movie or something like that?
(has not seen movie)
Digoraccoon's avatar
No, but just working for a printer company allowed us to really appreciate the revenge against that copier. XD
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gameangel147's avatar
Since no one has said it, I guess I'll have to.

"My stapler." 
jamescorck's avatar
"I'm going to set the building on fire."
gameangel147's avatar
Haha, I need to put that one on my re-watch list.
Berlioz-II's avatar
Honestly, I've always been very conflicted when it came to this film. On one hand there are many funny moments in it, clever insights, and plenty of things that by all rights should make this beyond successful (particularly Gary Cole as Lumbergh who's just so delightfully slimy and the downsizing consultants are hilarious in their realism of those kinds of people). It's like Dilbert with an extra line of cynicism and nihilism inserted in there.

But on the other I've always stumbled in how this movie feels more like an ambling series of "moments" that never truly satisfactorily build to anything. There's many ideas, but none very fleshed out, getting to the point that the final resolution feels wholly disconnected from the main characters (the guys' problem gets solved by a completely unrelated incident not of their devicing). And there's many similar things like that throughout this film that undermines its truly great qualities, be it the underdeveloped romance plot, or the embezzlement gone awry that could have resulted in some great escalation of mayhem that never comes to be. Or hell, Peter just rising through the ranks by having zero interest in actually doing any work.

But all I am ultimately left with is a bunch of really good ideas that end up becoming the definition of wasted potential. I truly want to like this movie for all the intelligent material in it, but there's always that other side that tells me this could have been so much better if Mike Judge just built on these ideas some more. Perhaps these would work better as a series of shorts than as a feature length film, like the original Milton animations were.
jamescorck's avatar
It is like a Dilbert strip, only extended over and hour and a half.

It's an acquired taste of a movie, that's absolutely true, but that's how Mike Judge's direction is.
PonyTatsujin's avatar
And then a slow-mo sequence where these 3 ponies happily beat the everlasting tar out of Coppy.
jamescorck's avatar
If I had any idea of how to animate I'd totally animate that scene with Movie and everypony else.
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