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Ask Movie Slate - Fury

Ask Movie Slate - Episode 164

Featuring (from left to Right): :iconbethiebo: :iconhazelhooves: :iconsketchysounds: :iconmechanized515: :iconcornerengy:

You know what sucks of war movies like "Fury"? That you can't make them too colorful or else they look out of place. The one thing that got me of that movie is that, while it does have some scenes full of color, the big majority of the film has this very washed out, bleak, colorless filter to it. I guess it's fine for the movie, but by the time I was done drawing this one my eyes could only register things in (sad) shades of blue and green. Also, sky. I'm not sure about you but I've been getting sick of drawing skies cluttered with clouds. This one does have some clouds but less than other pics I've done. Clear skies are nice.

"Fury" is a very atypical war movie. It still has the classic tropes with the hardass leader, the rookie, the Bible-thumping believer (a rather impressive Shia LaBeouf), the cameos from British actors to play the British soldiers, the Germans being super bad guys, and all the messages about war being bad, people dying so much is also bad, there's more casualties in war being the human spirit one of them, so and so on. But despite all that, it manages to go around many of them and even play around with many of these cliches. It manages to deliver a good message and good characters without it being preachy, and it shows the horrors of war without being exploitative. It's not as good as "Thin Red Line" but it's not as extreme as "Saving Private Ryan" either. It's a good middle ground, and I'd recommend any war movie enthusiast to give it a watch if you haven't already.

There is a story behind this drawing. I'm not so much into videogames, but a few years ago I was introduced to World of Tanks, and I became a regular player around the time "Fury" was in theaters. They even played a commercial for the videogame before the movie even started. I wasn't alone in this tanking trend, of course, because a bunch of my friends were also into the game. So quite a few months ago (just so you get an idea, this sketch was done way before I went to BronyScot) I put together this drawing, featuring all of my friends' OCs as the crew of the tank Fury. I bet you'd be wondering why not making Movie Slate the commander of the tank. Well, not only do I think she'd be a terrible commander, but how often will I have the chance to have Movie Slate straddling the cannon of an armored vehicle like that? The one running joke my friends and I have is that we are all 12 years old. I think that's why I went with such a juvenile joke ^_^

Please, let me know what you think of it in the comments. I appreciate and every single one I receive.

Thank you!

You can check the update on Movie Slate's blog right here.

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Jayhawkman2010's avatar

I'm a big WW2 and WW1 buff but due to the fact it's a movie, there will be liberties taken. Overall it was a good movie with historically accurate uniforms, weapons, and tanks (obviously lol). Plus this movie shows that in any war, it is never black and white like most people think. There is a lot of grey as depicted in the scene where the rookie was forced to shoot a surrendering German soldier to get over his fear of killing. This happened a lot even though it was against the Geneva Convention.

Good job on this piece!!!!

jamescorck's avatar
Thank you so much!

My enthusiasm towards this movie has watered down somewhat, but I did my best to get the tank looking as accurate as possible. I hope I did well.
Jayhawkman2010's avatar

I think you did! Good job. In the movie, I couldn't place the model of Sherman Tank but I thought you did good. Keep up the good work!

jamescorck's avatar
Thank you so much, honestly.
kildeez's avatar
Loved the movie, but hate how every Youtube video of every scene is inundated with self-proclaimed "experts" analyzing every little detail for every minor historical inaccuracy.  Yes, I'll agree, the body count would likely have been higher in some of those scenes, but I do have a couple counterpoints:

1) This was the end of the war, when Germany was drafting pensioners and 13 year old boys and handing them weapons scrapped together with whatever they had left, which the Western Allies would have been fighting the most poorly-trained of since all of Germany's actually-decent soldiers were being used to stem the Red Tide in the East.

MrSpanyard's avatar
Como siempre, buen trabajo :)
jamescorck's avatar
Muchas gracias jefe :D
JetPowerFIE's avatar
Excellent attention to detail on the proportions of Fury.  I figured you had to be a tanker (most likely WoT type tanker) to care enough about such details and it shows well!

Being a WoT player, I assume you are familair with The Chieftan, but did you know that he is an avid follower of MLP?  ("I am the resident expert on My Little Pony and Girls und Panzer.  I don't know why more people in the office don't watch those..." - Nicholas "The Chieftain" Moran Arm Chair General Interview with the Chefitan circa Oct. 19, 2013 - no idea whether he does or not since Twilight got wings :P)
jamescorck's avatar
Thanks a lot!

I did play World of Tanks for about two years, before finally giving up on it completely. I wasted way too much time and moved absolutely nowhere with my skills and my rankings. The best tank I got out of it was my KV-5, and not even that was fun to drive some times. Driving the Fury one of my best friends got me was way more fun, if only because it moved and fired a lot faster.

I had to make justice to the tank in this movie, for the sake of authenticity, and to show respect to a pretty good and very atypical war flick. I had over 20 reference shots of this tank to make sure I got it right, and seeing the positive response I've gotten I think I did an alright job on it ^_^;

Thank you so much for your words!
JetPowerFIE's avatar
I've been playing 2 years also (come tomorrow I believe) but I've got the ones I wanted (T95 and Hellcat) and the ELC really the only other thing I run but I still play with my dad as its how we chat while I'm up here at college. Otherwise I may have also moved on to something else. Gotta say though, if you feel the urge you oughta grab the next CT server and check out the new physics AND THE NEW SOUNDS. The game feels a whole lot better with them now!

 But on the flip side less tanks means more art!  (I should probably quit playing Minecraft the that reason).  But enough about silly games...20 refs?!  That'll cover it!  I look forward to possibly anymore armored units if it tickles your fancy in the future and I believe you've convinced me to watch ya. I love your Movid Slate stuff. 
jamescorck's avatar
That is a good reason to keep playing WoT if it's to talk with your father. I'm tempted to play the game again now, if they fixed some things here and there.

But first, artwork! Yeah, the more references I use the better the picture will look, it's for the sake of authenticity. I'll see what I can draw involving tanks ;) Thank you so much for liking my Movie Slate art :D
Jatheus's avatar
jamescorck's avatar
I'm glad that you like it Lucky.
DrakeRenar1's avatar
Ah Saving Private Ryan that was an good movie made me cry because you became attached to the characters then they died in the movie!
jamescorck's avatar
Except this isn't Saving Private Ryan, this is "Fury".
DrakeRenar1's avatar
I know that I haven't seen Fury yet but I want to watch it at some point because it has the Sherman which is my favorite WWII tank.
jamescorck's avatar
Give it a watch, you won't regret it.
FireHeartDraws's avatar
I also forgot to mention of how just awesome it was that they were able to use the worlds only fully functional Tiger I Tank.
jamescorck's avatar
That was a piece of history used to recreate history, quite the feat from the filmmakers.
FireHeartDraws's avatar
I loved this movie, it is one of my favorites.  mostly because I love tanks. it was my child hood dream to join the military and go into tanks, but unfortunately my dream was crushed as I was disqualified due to some disorders I have. So no tanking for me,  that was a hard time in my life but I was eventually able to decide on a new future for me and was even able to go to college. And now I am well on my way as I have just finished my very last assignment and just have to walk down the isle and receive my degree.
While I might not be getting into tanks but I will soon be starting my own business building guitars and spreading the joy of music for all to enjoy. I even have plans for starting my own game company.  I now can also enjoy many other passions as well such as playing music ( maybe professional one day too XD ) and creating art work which is a new passion started by a few of my friends Amy, Steph, and you James.

As far as games go, I only played World of Tanks once, I prefer War Thunder for the WW II theater of war.  However I do love the this new game called Armored Warfare, it is similar to World of Tanks but is so much better as far as game mechanics go and other features. you get bigger awards the higher you get in the Tier tree rather than less.
It is also all about modern vehicles. I absolutely love this game, I have even helped test it during a closed Beta.

I shall post the link here, it is in Open Beta right now. And is free to play .  I highly recommend it.
Let me know if the link does not work. XD
Sir-Longflyer's avatar
How wonderful! Someone who understands world war II era tanks!!
jamescorck's avatar
I wouldn't go that far. I had a lot of reference pictures, and kept asking my army friends for feedback on how the tank was looking. If I'm going to draw something that actually existed I want to make sure it looks right.
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