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Ask Movie Slate - Death to Smoochy

Ask Movie Slate - Episode 160.

This one was easy and straight forward, but man it took me forever to come up with a proper idea for it.

"Death to Smoochy" is one of the most bizarre movies I have ever had the luck to see. It exists within its own little universe, the one that Danny DeVitto loves to talk about, full of wide angle lenses, caricatures of human beings, and over the top antics. This doesn't usually work, but for the movie's subject it fits like a glove. And it's really damn funny. Ed Norton is hilarious, and Robin Williams can be as somber as he can be ridiculous.

Also, I had to draw that giant head Pinkie Pie, I really had to. The comics need to feature that gigantic mascot suit more frequently, hell they need to bring it into the show. It's just mesmerizing to look at.

You can check the update on Tumblr over - Here.

Art by James Corck
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what happens if pinkie pie sees it?

Pinkie Pie: *gasp* how dare you! acting like me? I mean why the mascot when they can have the real deal!

Twilight: but the love the mascot?
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Rainbow dash comes to look at this art, and has now seen everything

"I have now seen everything" 
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Oh my gosh, that actually scared me.....I thought I was
looking at a slaughterhouse as I scrolled down.
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Hehehe, to be fair those giant heads are terrifying.
Oh man, you got to Death to Smoochy. Absolutely wonderful, I love that movie. Such a mean, strange little comedy. One of my favorite Williams movies, for sure.

According to a friend of mine, he had Williams' rant about going on safari as his answering machine for a while.
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People misjudged this movie when it first came out. I am glad to see time has put it in its place and there's now an appreciation for it.

Plus it has aged really well as we now more than ever know how bizarre and weird the world of entertainment can be.
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Death to Smoochy is one of my favorite Robin Williams movies, right up there with Mrs Doubtfire and Robots.
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You should also check out "Insomnia" and "One Hour Photo".
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That costume is the nightmare in my head. Great work on everything else by the way.
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Thank you so much!
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No probs and keep up the good work.
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