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Ask Movie Slate - Book of Life, Halloween 2015



Commissioned by :iconssjcharon:

This one was a deceiving update to work on. At first I thought: "Oh great! Two characters and a background, this will be easy". What I wasn't counting on was that Book of Life has one of the most intricate, rick, and diabolically detailed production designs I have ever seen in a movie. It got to a point where I was adding details to the details. There is making a world based on the tiny little touches, and then there is this movie, and it's ridiculous. What originally was planned to take one day of work (around four hours of non-stop drawing, not counting the reference seeking) ended up stretching into three days. I hope the end result is worth it.

I kind of feel for the guys working on this movie, actually. They put so much love and effort into making a film that got appreciated by the critics but severely panned by the audience. It barely made any profit, and there were some circles online that accused it of being offensive and inaccurate. I roll my eyes at those accusations, actually. The movie is harmless as it is, it's a fun little story with the most eye-popping and unique visual style I have seen in a long while. Plus every single character in it is really likable, even the bad guys, and that's something I can't say for every movie that has come out lately.

I hope you guys enjoy this one! Please let me know what you think in the comments.

You can check the update on Tumblr here.

Art by James Corck.
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Never saw the movie, but I have heard it is good. And I bet those that are calling it offensive is actually those NPC`s