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Ask Movie Slate - Armageddon

Ask Movie Slate - Episode 158.

It looks like Maud Pie is enjoying this movie way more than anyone could have predicted. Well, it's about a giant rock about to crush everything, why wouldn't she be excited?

I had way too much fun drawing this one. Maud is one of those characters I could draw all the time and never get tired of. She's also a bit of a challenge to try and make her show what's going through her mind but without really letting it show. That face went through many phases, until I finally set on one I really liked. I think the starry eyes that can see forever look is the funniest one. And yes, boulder has turned into a mini asteroid, and Movie Slate is playing with a model of a space shuttle (really, the most memorable special effect of the entire movie).

Watch Armageddon though, it's a lot of fun. Did you know that is was written by J.J. Abrams and produced by the guys who did Aliens?

You can check the update on Tumblr over - Here.

Art by James Corck
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 Movie Slate? ya character?
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Yepp, that's my Movie Slate :D I came up with her concept on early 2012.
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i see :) well thax for the inf so i know which folder i should move her in. U submited to the wrong folder btw :3
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Dat background...Chica is a Boss (Chat Icon) 
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Do you like it?
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She's going to need several hours alone with the movie.
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It's one of my favorite movies, it genuinely is. I really enjoy it, I think it's fun, funny, enjoyable, has great action, good characters, well done effects, and it's just so insane! It's a lot of fun movie, and people just shit on it because it has the Michael Bay sign on it.
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Well…I definitely liked it
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Cool pony design. I love the film mane & tail.

I also love Armageddon! That is a good movie! It does have some story issues, but idc. People really should give it more of a chance.
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Thank you! I was inspired the day I came up with her design :D

I love Armageddon, it's one of my favorite movies ever, plus what lacks in story it makes up for it in characters. The characters in it are really memorable, and very likable. And I don't care how long it is, I'd have it constantly on repeat :D
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You're very welcome. ^^

I completely agree! On all accounts. :D I have watched the movie numerous times as well. ^^ It's really a shame so many Michael Bay haters give it a bad rap...I remember when it was new, the transformer movies didn't exist, and it was generally very well liked. Boy, who knew a few bad movies could ruin the reputation of a good one that had so "little" do with him (you know, comparatively speaking)...
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I liked Armageddon. I dont know why so many people bash it
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I don't get it either, I think it's a really good movie, and I'm glad to see so many people saying the same in this comments section :D Cheers me up a lot.
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The film is entertaining. The majority of issues tend to be technical, a lot having to do with the impossible physics in the movie.
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The MIR segment from start to finish is a massive middle finger to physics XD Gravity inside the space station, fire, explosions, air not being sucked out, modules falling down instead of floating away, and so and so on. It's ridiculous, but it's so funny to watch XD
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