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Ask Movie Slate - 300



Ask Movie Slate - Episode 156 (300th Update).

This one was a massive effort, to be quite honest.

This might confuse some of you, since it's the 300th update, but the 156th episode of Movie Slate. This is because I also count intermissions, posts about her personal life, fanart, anniversary celebrations, and basically anything that's been posted on that blog since 2012. I really wasn't expecting to reach this far, but apparently I have done it. Now for the 600th update! This is going to be fun to achieve!

I had a lot of fun drawing this one, though. I rarely have the chance to do a massive battle scene for Movie Slate, and giving cameos to some of my best friends was also a lot of fun. I needed diversity in the Spartan Ponies army, of course I had to add all races possible. Sucks I was unable to put in a Crystal Pony. Maybe for the "300: Rise of an Empire" update I'll do that. Yeah, that sounds about right.

You can check the update on Tumble over - Here.

With Special Guest appearances by: Serious Rainbow, Level Up, Silver Quill, Nessie, Calpain, Ultima, Aela, and Pyrite.

Art by James Corck
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Hmmm... the hoplite unicorn stallion on point appears to have fangs.
Is he part-Changeling? Or part-batpony?