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After the Fact - Party Pooped, Title Card

Commission for :iconmlp-silver-quill:

This one set a challenge when it came to compositing and setting up the characters. You might not notice in the actual album cover, because The Beatles are surrounded by many other characters (or cut outs of other characters), but they are placed so close together that it feels a bit awkward once you remove everyone else. Also Prince Rutherford is ridiculously large. The fact that he is the John Lennon of this group is no coincidence, with Pinkie as Ringo Starr, Twilight as Paul McCartney, and Silver Quill as George Harrison.

It was really enjoyable to design these costumes for four legged characters, it allowed me to put a lot of care and detail on them. I am a huge fan of costumes and costume design, and if you let me loose on the subject I might never shut up about it.

I hope you all like the picture, and I hope you also enjoy Silver's review of the episode. I sure did!

Check Silver Quill's review here - After the Fact: Party Pooped.
Check Silver Quill's DA Gallery here - :iconmlp-silver-quill:

Art by James Corck
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"...We're Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Harts Club Band..."
SJArt117's avatar
Love this! Soon as I saw it I knew what it was. Huge Beatles fan. =3

Nice work!
jamescorck's avatar
Thank you so much!

I hope I made justice to the spirit of The Beatles.
SJArt117's avatar
I believe you did! :squee:
jamescorck's avatar
Thank you so much!
Applejackfan4ever's avatar
I really enjoy your art style its so cool looking if you dont mind me asking whos your favorite and least favorite of the mane six
jamescorck's avatar
Thank you for liking my artwork :D

I don't have a least favorite, I think all characters are good on their own right. My favorite of the Mane six is Rarity, I can very much sympathize with her.
IBAIPshow's avatar
Bloody Yaks (insert angry Dash face here) ;)
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Heheh, I hope you enjoyed Silver's video, and I hope that you liked the title card too! It was fun to work on it.
L-MASTER's avatar
Muy buen trabajo :D
jamescorck's avatar
Muchas gracias :D
Jdailey1991's avatar
Why does the show portray the other races in a pretty low light?
jamescorck's avatar
I think we are so used to see the ponies portrayed in such a positive light that what little negative light is shed over other races is massive in comparison.
Jdailey1991's avatar
We've seen ponies undergoing diverse characteristics, so why not on other species? 

"Diamond Dogs" is actually the name of a David Bowie soundtrack, but instead of a threatening race reminiscent of Labyrinth, we get Gollum knock-offs.  Griffonstone is actually uncomfortable to look at because of how poor it is compared to Equestria.  The dragon is actually the most diverse creature in mythology, yet the show favors only the knight-in-shining-armor stereotype when "Dragon Quest" should've shown us better variety among dragons.
jamescorck's avatar
The Diamond Dogs weren't so much Gollum knock-offs as much as they were literal interpretations of Bowie's song. Besides they end up being sympathetic and not so much the villains, though that reduces them to just a pebble in the way when it comes to threats.

Griffonstone is meant to be hard to look at, and the way griffons hoard and lust for shinny things is very magpie-esche of them. Plus their future might remain hopeful thanks to Gilda's generosity gesture. Then again hoarding is something that fits more with...

...the dragons, which got shafted rather badly. The dragon's we've seen have been taken down by a smack talk, acted like mindless beasts, or behaved like teenagers. A good writer could fix this race and give them more than just stereotypes to work with.
Jdailey1991's avatar
I'm not familiar with the pebble metaphor.

If you want an antagonistic dragon, make him at least interesting!
jamescorck's avatar
A minor bump in the road.

We will never have an interesting dragon. We are lucky enough to get a good episode or two centered around Spike.
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