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A warrior of old, after a life of countless battles, finally succumbs to the weight of time.

The Fiends of the Dark II show opens today at wowxwow_art where you can grab a 12”x12” giclee print of this piece as well as tons of other artwork from some of the coolest folks in the business.
Check out their site for purchasing details 
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I like it. Tells an epic story through images.

The song in the link fits perfectly with this work.

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That was great! Hadn't heard that tune before and I think you're totally right especially with the lyrics. Thanks for sharing!

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That is amazing!

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They have become one with the sand, they are now the sand guardian.

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Lol Poseidon quivers before him!

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Eyyyy! Exactly! xD

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Well, at the very least he's going to die in peace, not by a sword but by the merciful hand of time. A little consolation for a lifetime of death.

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Exactly! A more bitter sweet tone. Love that interpretation of it

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