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Goodbye, Niko! ... .:W13:.

Wonderful story, lovely characters, amazing artistic experience - that all and much more is a game "OneShot"   (Zoom for better res.) .

Template scene from OneShot Solstice where Rue (a fox) telling story to Niko and watching city.
OneShot CutScene3 by James3DArts

Characters © (Niko and Rue): NightMargin
Art © : Me

About Scene:
Making time:   about 6 Hours
Render time:   15 min
Polygons:   about 3 500 000 in 20 objects
Hairs (Rue, Niko):   6 000 000

Used software:
Cinema4D R19  
ZBrush 2018
OctaneRender v.3

!!! All my scenes is rendered without using postprocesing (PS, AfterEfect), so every detail is physicaly computed. !!!

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© 2019 - 2021 James3DArts
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Did you make the Niko model yourself?
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Ofc I did, same Rue and all models from mine library
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what a lovely setting, well done on the lighting ^.^
James3DArts's avatar
Thank you :) I appreciate it :aww:
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so very beautiful :D
James3DArts's avatar
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you're very welcome :) (Smile)
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This is a really cool scene! WOW it truly looks great! Prince Gumball Wow Icon 
Everything about is insane! (in a good way lol)
James3DArts's avatar
Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it. I really appreciate it :aww:
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I can't even process the fact that you're not using effects at all ! What !!!!
This is so impressive I can't even analyse it ! I mean I'm bad at it anyway but STILL HOLY YLOH WHAT THE ACTUAL FLUTTER FLIPPING WING OF AN ANGEL
James3DArts's avatar
:D :D , awesome comment :)  Thank you so much :aww:
Corrupted-Teka's avatar
Haha, you're welcome ! ^^
But really, this is a MASTERPIECE, my god ! It's so beautiful and impressive ! You just took 3d art to a whole new level, gee ! <3
James3DArts's avatar
You know OneShot game?
Corrupted-Teka's avatar
Of course ^^
And I love it <3
James3DArts's avatar
I preparing one or two next scenes
Corrupted-Teka's avatar
Yeah ! I saw you said to NightMargin you were working on the pancakes scene !
Looking forward to it ^^
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Have you any favorite passage from base OneShot or Solstice. Maybe I'll get inspiration .
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oh wow!!! this is cool!!
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Oh, wow. Fav. by  you? Thank you :aww: , I appreciate it.
Now i working on a one pancakes scene :) .
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Beautiful painting.
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